WINNIPEG, Mar 11 (LSN) – Today, the Winnipeg Free Press reported that the Winnipeg Child and Family Services (CFS) flew a 16-year-old, 19-week-pregnant girl to Toronto for an abortion on Monday despite the vehement objections of her mother.  “I want her to have it and give it to me or put it up for adoption,” the mother of the girl pleaded.  The mother and stepfather suspect that the CFS pressured their daughter into an abortion telling her the baby would be taken away since she could not raise it. According to the parents two weeks ago their daughter said she wanted to have the baby.  For two years the daughter has been in voluntary placement in the CFS for personal differences with her stepfather.  However, her mother retains custody over her under the arrangement.  When questioned, Dave Waters, eastern director of the Child and Family Services noted he could not speak about specifics of the case but conceded that the agency might tell a pregnant teen her child could be apprehended at birth if she were unable to properly care for it.  The trip to Toronto was necessary since Winnipeg doctors refuse to commit abortions so late in the baby's development.  The distraught mother is trying to find a lawyer in Toronto to get a court order to stop the abortion. Campaign Life Coalition's Steve Jalsevac suggested renaming the Winnipeg Child and Family Services to “Child Excluding Family Services.”