July 1, 2005 ( – Canada’s democratically challenged elites are planning what appears to be a $300 million temple to their deceptively named Charter of Rights and Freedoms and its underlying ideology. The federal government has already pledged $100 million of the money that is takes from Canadians towards this project. Together with other levels of Canadian government and private sources, $200 million has been pledged so far towards this questionable project to be located in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

In a 7-page Special Report today writer John Jalsevac exposes the “dictatorship of relativism” and dangerous intent related to this project and why it should be of concern to not just Canadians but to defenders of democracy and freedom throughout the world. He reveals aspects of the Charter, its creator, former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, and one of the members of the advisory board of the “museum”, Maurice Strong, that should be an eye opener to many.

This Special Report reveals that the “Museum” project, is much more than a museum or salute to one document. Its purpose is directed to further radicalizing Canada and beyond. The devotees of the secular humanist Charter cult want to change the world to their elitist view of ideologically defined and limited ‘human rights’ and according to that which they have already begun in their laboratory of Canada. Their “Temple of Propaganda” is meant to assist these one-world priests such as Maurice Strong, Paul Martin and a who’s who of Canada’s Liberal and social radical establishment to quietly “lead the world into an ideological abyss”, says Jalsevac.

The article concludes with a warning that Canadians “had better speak up now – about the museum, about the Charter, judicial activism, institutional corruption and so much more that is genuinely threatening to usurp our freedom”.

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