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MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin (LifeSiteNews) – Tens or even hundreds of thousands of people likely cast illegal votes in Wisconsin’s 2020 election, according to newly-released findings from a months-long investigation by a conservative legal group.

Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty (WILL) published the results of a 10-month probe of last year’s elections in the battleground state, reporting that the number of unlawful ballots in Wisconsin all but certainly surpassed Joe Biden’s victory margin of under 21,000 votes.

The WILL investigation included a review of 20,000 ballots, 29,000 absentee ballot envelopes, and more than 65,000 documents, as well as a statistical analysis of the vote totals.

“It is almost certain that in Wisconsin’s 2020 election the number of votes that did not comply with existing legal requirements exceeded Joe Biden’s margin of victory,” the group said.

WILL’s report identified numerous election issues that impacted hundreds of thousands of votes:

It seems clear that voters abandoned the rules for voting indefinitely confined, drop boxes were used, at least one ballot harvesting event was conducted without statutory authorization, absentee balloting in nursing homes was conducted contrary to law, ballots were cured without authorization, and voter rolls were not accurately maintained as required by state and federal law.

“Additionally, it is possible that even lawful processes might not ensure evenhandedness or provide adequate protection against fraud.”

WILL said that while it did not find evidence of widespread, intentional fraud, the possibility “cannot be excluded.” “While the fact that something ‘could have’ happened is not evidence that it did, failure to follow the required procedures raises the possibility of fraud and undercuts confidence in the results.”

The group also said that more eligible voters may still have voted for Biden over former President Donald Trump “in all likelihood,” though WILL pointed to several legally dubious election tactics deployed by state and local officials that appear to have boosted Democrats’ margins by tens of thousands of votes.

Hundreds of thousands of votes in question

“There were a significant number of ballots cast in the 2020 election through methods that do not meet statutory requirements or statutory intent,” WILL said.

Those unlawful ballots may have included hundreds of thousands cast by voters who illegally claimed “indefinitely confined” status amid COVID-19 and skirted Wisconsin’s voter ID rules.

More than 265,000 Wisconsin voters declared themselves “indefinitely confined” in 2020 – up from 66,000 in 2016 – exempting them from having to provide photo ID to vote, according to WILL. “It is unlikely that there was a fourfold increase in voters who met this requirement,” the law firm said. “Given the substantial increase in the number of such voters, it is almost certain that many voters improperly claimed ‘indefinitely confined status.’ Many of these votes were cast unlawfully.”

“This increase in indefinitely confined status raises serious red flags. Claiming such status permits avoiding compliance with an important security measure that restricts not only voter impersonation, but also the ability to vote based on false registration.”

Wisconsin’s “indefinitely confined” option exists expressly for the elderly, disabled, or sick, but election officials in Democrat-leaning counties notably encouraged voters to adopt it due to COVID last year, before being censured by the state supreme court.

Of the “indefinitely confined” voters in 2020, 54,259 had never shown voter ID in any election, WILL found, and 3,718 voted while on the 2019 Mover’s List. More than 7,700 failed a DMV check when registering to vote, presenting a name, address, or birthdate at odds with official records of the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

WILL’s investigation discovered that at least 23,361 people voted after flunking their DMV check in total, including 4,885 who cast a ballot with a driver’s license that didn’t exist. Another 16,595 submitted names or dates of birth that didn’t match DMV files. “Democratic-leaning counties were disproportionately represented among DMV checks,” WILL said.

WILL flagged several thousand voters who cast 2020 ballots despite being on the active Mover’s List, including 13,757 who voted from a new address and 5,329 who voted from a prior address. And more than 31,000 voters were also listed in the National Change of Address Database, at least 7,151 of whom voted after having moved to a different state.

“It is unclear whether, had these ballots been disqualified, the results of the election would have changed. It is not possible to know who these legally questionable votes were cast for,” according to the WILL report. “Given the location of the votes it may be more likely than not that, depending on which ballots were thought to be unlawfully cast, that Trump would have wound up the winner” due to Wisconsin’s “drawdown” method, the group concluded.

Wisconsin’s egregious voter roll inaccuracies not only jeopardized election integrity, but violated state and federal law, WILL said:

State and federal law requires Wisconsin to maintain accurate voter rolls. But the Wisconsin Elections Commission and local clerks refused to take the required steps in 2020 to remove outdated and inaccurate voter registrations — resulting in tens of thousands of active voter registrations tied to old addresses.

The group noted that both Wisconsin statutes and the federal Help America Vote Act (HAVA) of 2004 require efforts to purge the system of inactive voters.

Another election probe in Wisconsin conducted by the State Assembly revealed Wednesday that the state’s voter roll inaccuracies are even worse than WILL suggested. The Assembly’s Committee on Campaign and Elections uncovered at a hearing that upwards of 500,000 of voters have been registered in Wisconsin for more than a century.

‘Zuck Bucks’ and ‘illegal’ drop boxes

WILL also highlighted multiple legally unfounded election tactics, including ballot drop boxes and private election process funding, that gave Democrats a significant boost in Wisconsin last year.

Absentee ballot drop boxes, which WILL slammed as “illegal,” increased turnout for Biden by as many as 20,000 votes, the conservative law firm estimated.

“Drop boxes are not provided for in Wisconsin law. They are, in fact, illegal,” WILL said, warning that “even using them for legal voting could taint the results if drop boxes were much more available in areas of strong support for one political party than for the other.”

The widespread use of unlawful drop boxes, embraced by the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC), indeed “was correlated with an increase of about 20,000 votes for Joe Biden, while having no significant effect on the vote for Trump.”

These votes may not necessarily have been ineligible, WILL noted, but “the ad hoc adoption of absentee ballot drop boxes without established rules, parameters, or security presents an election vulnerability and a challenge to state law.”

Election grants funded by Mark Zuckerberg gave Biden another partisan advantage in Wisconsin, where 86 percent of Zuckerberg’s infamous private election process funding went to the state’s five largest cities – all Democratic strongholds. The “Zuck Bucks” netted Democrats 8,000 extra votes statewide, WILL calculated. “No statistically significant effect was found for Trump.”

Absentee ballots

WILL’s report raised other, serious concerns about the integrity of absentee ballots.

Ballot rejections in Wisconsin hit a record low last year, and had they stayed as they were in 2016, Biden would have lost 6,000 votes, WILL said.

Absentee voters were overwhelmingly Democrats. A poll of 2,000 mail-in voters conducted as part of the WILL investigation found that 72.6 percent of those who identified with one of the two major parties chose Democrats, while around a quarter chose Republicans.

The poll led to another notable finding: “a surprisingly high percentage of respondents who say they did not request absentee ballots.”

“A higher percentage of Republicans than Democrats claim they did not request an absentee ballot than of Democrats. Most of those who said they did not request absentee ballots appear to have voted,” WILL said. “We could not conclude that this is evidence of fraud, but neither can we exclude it.”

The largely Democratic voters who cast absentee votes also disproportionately benefited from non-statutory ballot “curing” in the event that their ballots contained errors. While Wisconsin law does not authorize election officials to fix or “cure” invalid votes, the WEC pushed the tactic last year anyway, as with drop boxes.

“As a result of WEC’s lawless advice to local officials, no standard practices were employed to cure ballots,” according to the WILL report. “This created an environment where incomplete or defective absentee ballots may or may not be cured and counted as a result of where the ballot was cast.”

WILL identified almost 300 ineligible voters who voted or tried to do so in 2020, 130 felons who voted, 129 ballots sent with a commercial address, and 42 votes cast for dead voters.


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