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(LifeSiteNews) — A “transgender health” clinic affiliated with the University of Wisconsin (UW) provides “gender affirming” puberty blockers and surgeries, and the program’s director has said she will operate on minors.  

On Friday, Libs of TikTok shared a series of posts with information about the Comprehensive Gender Services Program at UW Health. Dr. Katherine Gast is a plastic surgeon and director of the program. The clinic’s website has since been removed and all YouTube videos made private. 

“Now the standard of care is doing puberty blockers which are completely safe, completely reversible,” Gast said in an interview that has also been hidden from the public. “[It] just turns the kid into basically a late bloomer, and you give the kid more time and the parents more time to figure things out.” 

“At age 15, 16-ish, then you can start cross hormone treatment if the kid wants. And if for whatever reason the kid changes their mind or things change, you can just stop taking the puberty blockers and the kid goes through puberty normally and grows normally and no harm done.” 

In another video, Gast casually describes some of the various surgeries she performs on her patients, including “penile inversion vaginoplasty,” or the forming of a so-called vagina in a man’s body. She also details how she will take tissue from a woman’s forearm, leg, or from both areas to ‘create’ a penis in a phalloplasty procedure. Lastly, the surgeon explains how “top surgery” or a “cosmetic mastectomy” removes healthy breasts from women, a result that she describes as “a happy day for everybody.” 

Dr. Gast will perform any of these surgeries on minors with parental consent.  

According to the same interview, the program was developed to combine the work of the pediatric and surgical teams to conduct the work of mutilating the healthy bodies of children in a more smooth and efficient manner. 

“There wasn’t this kind of central person to help patients get the referrals they need and access the care that they really needed within the system. So, that’s what we’re working on, we’re working on care coordination and patient navigation through a large, academic health system,” she said. 

UW Health also provides a detailed document explaining how minors can attain the required “letter of readiness” to obtain “gender affirming” procedures. According to the guidelines, the letter must be written by a “mental health professional with at least a master’s degree.” It also requires proof of the “stability of [the] patient’s mental health” and “if the patient has depression or anxiety,” proof that “it is being managed.” 

Accompanying the fact that this requirement being vague and undefined, research has shown a higher risk of depression and suicide among “transgender” youth. A 2015 study found that minors who “transition” are facing greater risks of “mental illness, including depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts and attempts, and self-harm than their non-transgender peers.” 

The claim that puberty blockers, cross sex hormone “treatment” and “gender affirming surgeries” save children from committing suicide is unsubstantiated.  

Last week, Vanderbilt University Medical Center was exposed for promoting “transgender” surgeries as a way to make money, deleting all of the evidence as UW has done. However, Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee has launched an investigation into the hospital’s care of minors.  


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