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WAUKESHA COUNTY, Wisconsin (LifeSiteNews) – A Wisconsin judge has sided with parents who sued Kettle Moraine School District for hiding children’s “gender transitions.” 

On Wednesday, Wisconsin Judge Michael Maxwell denied the Kettle Moraine School District’s motion to dismiss a lawsuit from parents over the school’s policy of hiding students’ “gender transitions” from parents.  

“Wisconsin courts recognize that parents have a right to make ‘decisions regarding the education and upbringing of their children,’ ‘free from government intervention,’” Maxwell wrote. 

The lawsuit asserts that Kettle Moraine School “violated parental rights by adopting a policy to allow, facilitate, and affirm a minor student’s request to transition to a different gender identity at school without parental consent and even over the parents’ objection.” 

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Maxwell stated that the rights of parents trump that of school district administrators in determining what is best for their children. Kettle Moraine School has 20 days to respond to the decision.

The Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty (WILL) and the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) is representing two sets of parents in the lawsuit in Waukesha County Circuit Court against the Kettle Moraine School District.  

“Changing gender identity is a huge decision, especially at a young age. Parents can and should be involved,” WILL Deputy Counsel Luke Berg, said. “And they have a right to expect that school officials will respect their decision about what is best for their child.” 

ADF Roger Brooks said, “Kettle Moraine should take this opportunity to change its policy, which violates the constitutionally protected rights of parents and isn’t in the best interest of children.” 

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One set of parents revealed that their 12-year-old daughter was suffering from gender dysphoria which was encouraged by the school. The parents determined that it was not in their daughter’s best interests to “gender transition” and asked the school to use her birth name and female pronouns.  

However, the school refused to honor their request, resulting in the couple withdrawing their daughter from the school. After some counseling, the 12-year-old chose to accept to her birth name and actual gender.  

Evidence shows that around 85 percent to 95 percent of children who are confused about their gender grow out of their confusion and embrace their natural gender if they are allowed to go through puberty normally.