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This article was originally published by the WND News Center.

(WND News Center) — A hearing is scheduled before the Wisconsin Supreme Court next week in a fight against a claim by state bureaucrats that a Catholic ministry to serve the needs of the poor, elderly and disabled is not part of its faith mission.

Eric Rassbach, senior counsel at Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, is scheduled to present oral arguments on Monday in the case Catholic Charities Bureau v. Wisconsin Labor & Industrial Review Commission.

That state agency has claimed that the actions of Catholic Charities Bureau are not religious, not part of the church’s beliefs.

Becket explained that meant, “Catholic Charities Bureau was barred from leaving the state’s unemployment compensation program and joining the Wisconsin Catholic Church’s more efficient unemployment program.”

Becket explained, “Most Catholic dioceses have a social ministry arm that serves those in need. Catholic Charities Bureau carries out this important work for the Diocese of Superior, Wisconsin, by helping the disabled, the elderly, and those living in poverty – regardless of their faith. This duty to serve everyone in need comes directly from Catholic Church teaching and advances the Church’s religious mission by carrying out the corporal works of mercy.”