By Hilary White

December 12, 2007 ( – Katelyn Kampf has said she is angry her parents, who tried to kidnap her to force her to abort her son, have been given a “slap on the wrist” by courts. Kampf, holding her son, Diandre, spoke on the national ABC television programme “Good Morning America”. Her parents, well-known businesspeople in their town, were not sentenced to any jail time and felony charges have been dropped.

She said, “I feel like my parents should have been looked at as just any other individual. It shouldn’t have been made into a family matter because it was still a crime.”

In September 2006, when Katelyn was 19 and a student at Boston College, she was six months pregnant and suffered a nightmare when her parents physically subdued her, tying her hands and feet and forcing her into their car to drive to a New York abortion facility.

She said her parents were not happy about her relationship with her boyfriend Reme Johnson, a black South African with whom she lived, but that she had no idea they would react the way they did. Katelyn told “Good Morning America” that her parents “were a little bit racist”.

“I tried to leave the house and that’s pretty much where the physical part started,” she said. “And they tried to pull me back into the house and keep me from leaving. My dad restrained me on the floor and my mom walking in from the kitchen holding a rope.”

Her parents forced her into their car and drove from their home in Maine, heading for a New York abortion facility. She escaped when the car stopped at a Kmart in New Hampshire where Katelyn called police.

“Good Morning America” quotes a New Hampshire police officer who said, “There were ligature marks on her hand, some redness around her face and neck, real probability she was bound and gagged like she said.” Katelyn told the court her parents had threatened to kill her and police found a .22-caliber rifle, as well as duct tape and rope in the Kampfs’ Lexus.

She said about her son, “It hurts a lot to look at him and just think that somebody wouldn’t want him here.”

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