VANCOUVER Feb 2 ( Campaign Life Coalition BC (CLCBC) has finally confirmed that a 44 year old woman died on April 23rd 1998 while undergoing an abortion at Vancouver General Hospital.

CLCBC president John Hof demanded the NDP government announce an immediate and complete inquiry into the delivery of abortions at VGH.

“Just last year VGH reached an out of court, multi-million dollar settlement for damages done to a baby who survived an abortion.” said Hof. “Now we hear of a woman dying while aborting her child. When will the carnage end?”

“This Government has taken the ominous step of shutting down all debate over abortion at VGH by imposing a ‘Bubble Zone’ around the hospital. Women are being denied the information they need to know before entering the building for a ‘safe, legal, abortion’. Anyone drawing attention to the horrendous record of VGH, faces threat of arrest, jail and heavy fines.”

“When will we be able to ‘show the truth’ around the abortion issue? When will this government’s obsession with abortion finally stop.” asked Hof. “Our hearts go out to the family, the innocent victims of CHOICE”

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