Tuesday November 9, 2010

Woman Gives Birth to Homosexual Son’s Baby

By Matthew Cullinan Hoffman, Latin America Correspondent

November 9, 2010 ( – A fifty-year-old Mexican woman has given birth to a child whose biological father is her homosexual son, according to the Mexico City newspaper Reforma.

Reforma reports that the woman, whose name has been withheld, decided to offer her womb to her 31-year-old son “Jorge,” a single homosexual businessman who wanted a child. A childhood friend, who is married, contributed the ovum. Jorge’s son was conceived through in-vitro fertilization with the assistance of obstetrician-gynecologist Juan Manuel Casillas and implanted in his mother’s womb.

Jorge’s mother, who gave birth to her own grandson by cesarean section on November 1, has been released from the hospital after 48 hours of observation, and is now nursing the child. The attending doctors say that there have been no complications.

“I don’t feel like a mother nor like a grandmother,” the woman told Reforma. “When they say ‘mother’ to me I feel strange, and when they say ‘grandmother’ also. I mean, he was my first grandson, and I don’t feel that way because at the same time he is my fourth son.”

The family says that they have documented the circumstances of the birth so that the child, whose name is Darío, will someday know the full truth about his origins.

According to Casillas, the woman “would like to get pregnant again. She says that if we know that the development [of the child] will be the same, she’s delighted.”

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