GLASGOW, May 5, 2003 ( – A woman who murdered her three babies also had an abortion while awaiting trial, Scotland’s Daily Record reveals. Susan MacLeod, 26, hid the babies’ bodies, including the third stillborn baby, in garbage bags inside her Glasgow apartment for five years.

MacLeod seems to have had no regard for innocent life. With the rotting corpses stored at home, she became pregnant again. After being charged by police in 2001, she went and aborted the unborn baby as well. A friend of the family said, “It beggars belief that she would get pregnant a fourth time”—if it was only the fourth time. “She made no effort at all to avoid it happening.” The friend explained that MacLeod would have felt “ridiculous” telling the court she was pregnant again. Rather than feel silly, said the friend, “Her parents were devastated but there was no alternative.”  The judge, Lord Bracadale, sentenced MacLeod to undergo six months psychiatric treatment rather than serve a prison sentence for the three murders.  For local coverage:’S%20SECRET%20ABORTION