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A Las Vegas woman is carrying bullet fragments inside her head after police say her boyfriend had another woman – his fiancee – try to murder her because she refused to take the morning-after pill.

Breyana Lewis got into a heated argument with her boyfriend, 21-year-old Gregory Myrick, when she told him she may be pregnant just two days after Christmas. Myrick, who had been carrying on a sexual relationship with her for two months, was engaged to another woman and insisted Lewis abort.

Lewis told police that, as she stood her ground, he sent a text message to someone.

As she pulled into the parking lot of her apartment building, five shots rang out from the second floor in what police called an “ambush-style attack.”

Four bullets pierced her car, and the fifth went through her windshield and lodged inside her cranium. She managed to call police, who said the trigger woman was 20-year-old Daquesha Fowler, Myrick's fiancee.

“I gave the gun to her and told her to shoot her,” Myrick told police, according to the arrest record obtained by the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Myrick, who just got out of jail for robbery, said Lewis had been threatening Fowler, and he gave her the gun in self-defense.

Fowler agreed, adding that it had not occurred to her to call the police about Lewis' alleged harassment.

Police charged both Fowler and Myrick with attempted murder with a deadly weapon. Myrick also faces a firearms charge, since he is an ex-felon. Fowler faces additional charges because she fired from inside a building into a parking lot.

Officials at the University Medical Center dismissed Lewis with part of the bullet still in the top of her head.

Reports did not specify whether Fowler is, indeed, expecting, but the mere possibility of an unwanted pregnancy has driven some men to violence. On December 1, a jury convicted a New York man of murdering a 14-year-old girl and setting her body on fire after she refused to have an abortion.

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Just days later, 44-year-old Thomas A. Pfeiffer was arrested in New York state for allegedly strangling his girlfriend and forcing her to swallow a morning-after pill to abort their newly conceived child.

The Ulster County Sheriff's Office arrested him on felony charges of second-degree strangulation and second-degree abortion.

Abortion activist Robin Marty of RH Reality Check wrote a column shortly after the incident decrying the public fixation on allegedly forcing an abortifacient on a woman against her will, asserting erroneously that Plan B is not an abortifacient.