NEW YORK, Sept 29 (LSN) – The Boston Herald reported today that Janet Sheikhan is suing Lenox Hill Hospital and a genetic testing company called Genetrix (now owned by Genzyme) for providing her with false information which led her to abort her child. On the advice of her doctor Sheikhan submitted to an amniocentesis exam at the Lennox Hill Hospital. The hospital received an analysis of the test results from Genetrix. Sheikhan was told that she was carrying a girl suffering from Edwards syndrome, a condition which often results in mental retardation, physical defects and sometimes death. Sheikhan says she aborted her child based on the test results and the advice of her doctor.  One year later, when pregnant again, Sheikhan came across a pathology report on the aborted child which she says read “Normal, Normal, Normal, Male.” Sheikhan is not suing her doctor since she believes he is innocent. She believes the “error” was made at either the hospital or the lab.