LONDON, England, May 28, 2002 ( – An Englishwoman who deliberately sought a hysterectomy to ease her abdominal pain is now complaining that the doctor also aborted an 11-week-old fetus she was unaware of. Now she accuses the surgeon of taking away her ability to have children. Reginald Dixon, a consultant obstetrician and gynecologist, discovered the fetus while performing the hysterectomy on Barbara Whiten, then 35, at King’s Mill hospital, near Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, in March 1993. He aborted the fetus without asking her.  Mrs. Whiten said she could never forgive the doctor for denying her the chance to have children—even though she herself sought the original operation. “That is something for which I can never forgive,” she said in a statement read out to the ongoing doctor’s misconduct hearing. She said her marriage was now heading for divorce because of the strain she had suffered. The hearing was told that the consultant carried out the abortion after failing to track down the woman’s husband and that he had acted “cavalierly” toward the patient.  (Source: May 28, 2002 London Daily Telegraph – not available online as of today)