Women Must be Told about Risks of Abortion: Pro-Abortion Columnist

Thu Jun 11, 2009 - 12:15 pm EST

By Alex Bush

June 10, 2009 ( – The proven risk of having a premature birth caused by previous abortions has lead Barbara Kay, a supporter of abortion availability and columnist for the National Post, to state that abortionists must tell these risks to women seeking an abortion, so that they may make a truly informed decision.

Kay says that “researchers in the field of human reproduction have been quietly beavering away on mounting epidemiological data around IA [Induced Abortion] and its link to preterm birth (PTB) in a future pregnancy. Recent findings in their research remind us of a ‘right’ generally observed in the breach: the right of women seeking safe abortions to informed consent.”

Kay observes that preterm birth “presents a heightened risk for birth defects' and that the risk increases the more premature the birth is.”

She writes that “in 2007 Dr. Greg Alexander of the U. S. Institutes of Medicine (a branch of the National Academy of Sciences) identified a 'prior first trimester induced abortion' as an 'immutable medical risk factor associated with preterm birth.' ”

Kay also quotes a 2008 Lancet article, where Drs. Jay Iams, Robert Romero, and Robert L. Goldenberg say that “greater public and professional awareness of evidence that repeated uterine instrumentation—e. g. uterine curettage [including "suction" abortion] or endometrial biopsy—is associated with increased risk of subsequent preterm birth might over time influence [government] decision-making about the procedure.”

Since these studies are so accessible to abortionists, Kay says that if she “were the mother of a post-IA, PTB infant or toddler with autism or cerebral palsy, and had not been informed as a matter of regulatory course of IA's risk for a future PTB, I'd be angry. Litigiously so.”

She concludes by asking: “Abortion on demand: empowerment—or bamboozlement—of women?”

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