OTTAWA, February 27, 2003 ( – REAL Women of Canada, in its Jan/Feb 2003 Reality magazine recalls the significant results of a 1984 study by a male homosexual couple of 156 other homosexual couples. The findings of the study by psychiatrist, Dr. David McWhirter, and psychologist, Dr. Andrew Mattison were described in their book, ‘The Male Couple’.

Reality refers to the current intense push by gay activists for their unions to be given legal recognition equal to male-female marriages. The article states “Homosexual activists claim that their relationships operate from the same dynamics and meet similar needs as heterosexual unions and, therefore, should be treated the same in law.  This study … shows clearly that this is not the case.”  Major differences between the two types of unions as noted from the report are:  1.  Sexual infidelity – “homosexual couples regard sex as recreational without emotional content.” Regard freedom to sexual engage others “as one of the most important factors in maintaining their bond.”  2.  Complete financial independence – “the expectation in same-sex unions is that each partner will take care of himself financially.”  3.  Skills conflict – ‘Finding ‘compatibility’ in skills with each other does not arise naturally as it does between different sexes 4.  Short duration of unions – average length of time that same-sex relationships were maintained in this study was 5.0 years.  Other researchers found male relationships commonly end at the end of the third year 5.  Use of drugs – “the majority of the male couples and individuals use drugs as a regular part of both their social and sexual lives.”  6.  Same sex unions are consensual sexual liaisons

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