Women’s Injury Network Asking for Funding in Coerced Abortion Lawsuit

CINCINNATI, June 8, 2004 ( -  A women’s support network for victims of abortion violence have put out a call for funding assistance in a case involving a Portland, Oregon teenager injured by an abortion. The Women’s Injury Network has circulated a request on behalf of “Jenny” a fifteen year-old girl who is suing after she was pressured into undergoing an abortion. The circular says that Jenny was “drugged, locked in a counseling room and pressured by abortion clinic personnel to sign the medical informed consent forms for her abortion.”

Jenny is now suing with help from a pro-life law firm and while she does not need to pay lawyers fees there will be approximately $63,000 in expenses. The Women’s Injury Network is an organization that helps women with court expenses in injury lawsuits against abortionists. Jenny’s is also one of a small number of suits that will include the withholding of the link between abortion and breast cancer in her complaints against the abortionists.  The Women’s Injury Network does not pay attorney fees, only costs. The website includes information about costs in an injury suit. “Costs may include deposition transcript fees, expert witness fees, court filing costs, travel costs, long distance, research and copying costs, etc.; the cost of litigating a single case could be as high as $50,000. If the plaintiff is not able to pay the costs, many times, the case does not make it to the courthouse door, and the wrongful conduct is never redressed.”  Women’s Injury Network website:

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