OTTAWA, October 7, 2005 ( – The October 2005 issue of Toronto based Catholic Insight magazine contains a detailed report on two recent Catholic women’s ordination conferences. The insider account reveals that the internationally publicized ‘ordination’ events were more a front for a wider agenda to grab power and insert acceptance of homosexuality, abortion and a New Age type of anti-Christian religion into Catholic institutions.

The Catholic Insight article, The ‘ordination’ of ‘womenpriests’ by Donna O’Conner-Hunnisett, especially relates the content of various talks given by speakers at the second Women’s Ordination Conference which took place at Ottawa’s Carleton University. The conference concluded with the so-called ordination of four “priestesses” and five “deaconesses” on the St. Lawrence River which was heavily reported by the world media. What was excluded from almost all reports was the bizarre, militant, anti-Christian background to the movement as revealed at the Ottawa conference and a previous, similar conference in Dublin in 2001.

O’Conner-Hunnisett writes that she was greeted at the registration desk by two women who identified themselves as “lesbian, pro-choice Catholics, and said they would have to consult Joanna Manning” (a well known lesbian, pro-abortion activist) about letting her into the conference.

Some of the main speakers were noted to be Elisabeth Schussler Fiorenza, who writes extensively on feminist biblical interpretation and Rosemary Radford Ruether, whose writings include Integrating Ecofeminism and Goddesses and the Divine Feminine. Ruether discussed her valued position on the board of “Catholics for a Free Choice.”

There was also Mary Hunt, a feminist theologian, co-founder of the Women’s Alliance for Theology, Ethics and Ritual, USA, and a lesbian.

Joanna Manning’s talk was titled Erotic Justice: Commitment to Personal and Global Transformation. O’Conner-Hunnisett writes that Manning’s talk “was full of liberal, sexual, and New-Age concepts. Trinity is ‘mother, Lord within us’; and the best experience of God is found in mutual sexual relationships. Christian teaching ‘is frozen into frigidity by fear of sex.’ We need gays and lesbians – it is ‘a unique way, the creative energy of God.”‘

The writer says “there were many more delegates in Ottawa, both lay and religious, who openly identified themselves as gay and lesbian. The topic of diverse and free sexual lifestyles permeated most aspects of the conference, and formed part of their vision of a new all-inclusive Catholic Church, which would also allow for abortion, contraception and a non-celibate women priesthood.”

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