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Woodworth compares abortion to Nazism, slavery: sparks ‘torrents’ of protest in Quebec

Matthew Hoffman

September 18, 2012 ( - Comments by Canadian Member of Parliament Stephen Woodworth comparing the killing of the unborn to Nazi eugenics and the mistreatment of blacks in 19th century America, which were virtually ignored by the Anglophone press in Canada, have caused a “torrent” of protests among French-speaking Canadians, according to Francophone blogs and periodicals.

While advocating his motion to study the definition of human life contained in Canada’s criminal code, Woodworth noted that the criminal code “dehumanizes and excludes an entire class of people.”

He added, “If we did that today to Afro-Americans, as they didn’t in the 19th century in the United States [...], or to people with mental problems, like in Germany in the 1930s, you would be scandalized. And article 223(1) is no less scandalous,” according to the French translation of the quote.

The statements have been republished in French language media as an outrage or a curiosity, with the blog Peuvre claiming that “the declaration has unleashed a torrent of protests on the part of the opposition in the Commons, but also by a good number of individuals in social, medical, judicial, and political circles.”

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Campagne Québec-Vie (Quebec Life Campaign) has responded to the controversy with strong words supporting Woodworth, which were also quoted in the Francophone press.

“Some are going to cry ‘scandal’ again. There is no reason to be offended. In the three cases, a category of people assigns to itself the right to decide regarding the life or the death of other people,” the organization stated in a press release.

“For the Nazis, the Jews were not human beings, for certain Americans of the South in the 19th century, blacks weren’t, and for certain doctors of the 21st century, a child who has almost been born, whose heel is still inside the womb of his mother, is not a human being. He’s nothing but a lucrative clump of cells when he is eliminated…because this child could cause a disturbance, he simply can’t be recognized as a human being, with the rights that follow.”

The group congratulated Woodworth “for his courage and his intellectual honesty, so rare in a world where politically correct discourse sends children, sources of discomfort, to the slaughterhouse.”

Debate on Woodworth’s motion 312 is scheduled to begin this Friday.

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