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Editor’s note: This article was updated August 11, 2023.

(LifeSiteNews) –– Father James Altman, Liz Yore, and Jack Maxey once again join LifeSite’s John-Henry Westen on this week’s episode of Faith & Reason, in which they discuss World Youth Day’s use of an app making pilgrims track their carbon footprint, the rise of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)-linked app Temu, and the latest on the Hunter Biden scandal. 

World Youth Day, the ongoing event for young Catholics to gather and talk about the Faith, has an app for pilgrims that asks them to track their carbon footprint through a questionnaire at the end of the event. The app will also tell users ways to counteract the carbon footprint they created while at the event.

All the while, heretical priest Fr. James Martin was at World Youth Day to address the attendees, to the consternation of faithful Catholics. World Youth Day has denied that Martin was officially invited to speak at the event, though Martin’s tweets seem to contradict the claim. 

“I’m sure there’s some prayers on the app, but… this has nothing to do with religion,” Yore opined about the carbo-tracking scheme. “What concerns me is that [World Youth Day] changed their focus from the Faith, to measuring their carbon footprint, which is, as we know, a total hoax,” she continued. 

Altman, commenting on World Youth Day, agreed with Yore that it has nothing to do with the Catholic Faith, though said that he was “speechless” about the matter. Altman further noted that while he cannot understand “in my humanity” why God allows bad clergy to control the Church, “for the same reason I can’t understand Calvary, except that Our Lord wants to show us divine love and what that really looks like.”  

Maxey, connecting World Youth Day to Pope Francis’ actions on a wider scope, noted that while Francis can attack the Church’s traditions, “we’re not going to stand for it.” “He’s going to destroy the Church as it exists,” Maxey warned. “He will not destroy the Church as it exists inside here and upstairs, but he’s going to destroy the edifice of the Church for sure,” Maxey asserted.  

Yore and Maxey also commented on Martin’s participation at the Jesuit MAGIS event, which Yore notes is for students of Jesuit institutions, held in Lisbon, Portgual, before World Youth Day, discussing the matter in the wider view of educational institutions run by the Jesuits. 

Contrasting Martin’s remarks at MAGIS, which according to her focused on “truth and tolerance, on being Christian in a pluralistic age,” listening to one’s own body, and on ecology, Yore noted that the Jesuits are “supposed to be the great intellectuals,” and that parents should be aware of what Martin discussed at the event. 

Maxey further asserted that Catholic parents should avoid sending their children to Jesuit educational institutions on account of their political leftism, saying “If you want to squeeze the demon, stop sending your children to these schools.” “It’s very clear that they are no longer a safe space for American children,” he continued. 

The CCP-linked app Temu, a shopping app likened to Amazon, has experienced ubiquitous advertising, with 50 million Americans having downloaded the app.  

CCP expert Steven Mosher, however, warned that the app could be used to collect banking data from users, claiming in an interview with FOX News that “The [CCP]  is engaged in a massive data collection effort all around the world trying to collect information especially not on Americans but all citizens of the world but all seven plus billion of us,” adding that “Everybody needs to understand, the 50 million people especially who downloaded the Temu app need to understand that they are the products here.”  

Yore, commenting on the app echoed Mosher’s warning, saying that it is “ransacking users’ phones with malware and spyware.” “We’ve got to be smart about it, just like we have to be smart about TikTok,” she continued. “I don’t care if you’re entertained by it or your kids are entertained. Turn off that contact with the CCP through apps or through whatever entertainment they’re trying to use.” 

Maxey, stating that he believes Americans are “a little bit too ready to just accept anything that shows up on our phones,” discussed the CCP’s use of sleeper cells and spyware against the United States.  

“They don’t need a kinetic war to take us out,” Maxey opined, adding that the CCP is more “insidious.” He also addressed the call from politicians in both major political parties to confront China but fail to address the concept of limiting “Chinese graduate students in every single research facility in the United States,” noting that Chinese students pay “about $30 billion to the bottom line of a broken education system in the United States.” 

Devon Archer, Hunter Biden’s former business partner, gave testimony to Congress Monday behind closed doors. Republican lawmakers claim that Archer told them that President Joe Biden was placed on speakerphone during his son’s overseas meetings on multiple occasions, while Democrats stressed that the conversations were inconsequential. 

Maxey, commenting on Archer’s testimony, stressed that Archer was not under oath during his testimony, and that his lawyer is a representative from the Boise Schiller law firm, which formerly employed Hunter Biden. He also stressed that the series of Rosemont businesses are connected with the Bidens through Chris Heinz, stepson of former Secretary of State John Kerry, as the Rosemont businesses were then owned by the Heinz family. 

“I think at some point we’ve got to call Chris Heinz in to testify, not in any way to accuse him, necessarily,” Maxey opined.  

Remember, in the spring of 2014, when Hunter and Devon got hired by Burisma, and just a month earlier had cut the deal with Bohai Harvest, the Chinese private equity fund funded by the Bank of China/Chariman Xi, [Heinz] quits,” Maxey added. “And he writes a letter to John Kerry, essentially explaining that now it’s gone too far.”  

Maxey also notes that Kerry claims he was never brief, though states that he has a photograph of Kerry being briefed by his chiefs of staff, who were the recipients of the letters. According to Maxey, his chiefs of staff briefed Kerry twice in two days following the receipt of the letter. Maxey claims he is in possession of the letter.  

“I think, again, we are in [the] early innings,” Maxey concluded, adding that people should read Archer’s testimony while recalling that he was not under oath.  

Yore, reacting to Maxey’s analysis, pointed out that the judge handling former President Donald Trump’s trial over the Capitol “Riots was also a Boise Schiller employee. 

For this and more, tune in to this week’s episode of Faith & Reason. 

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