TORONTO, December 5, 2013 ( – Toronto Council may double its funding — to the tune of $280,000 at taxpayer’s expense — to Pride Toronto, organizer of the 2014 WorldPride event.

Councillor Shelley Carroll told homosexual news service Xtra that the funding boost is included in the upcoming January budget under the city’s Major Cultural Organizations program.

During budget committee meetings at the beginning of the month, no one disputed doling out more tax-generated funds for the WorldPride event, reported Xtra.

“If this budget is adopted, [the funding] is adopted, too,” said Carroll.

The funds will be on top of the $250,000 of public services – such as policing, garbage pick-up, and street cleaning – the event promoting the normalization-of-homosexuality receives each year. Pride Toronto executive director Kevin Beaulieu estimates the WorldPride budget around $4.5 million.


According to Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam, there is widespread support for WorldPride and its promotion of homosexuality among councillors at City Hall.

WorldPride announced in 2009 that Toronto had been chosen over Stockholm to host the 2014 event. Mark Singh, chair of the Toronto World Pride committee called the awarding of the event to the country’s most populated city an “opportunity to highlight the acceptance of the queer community by Canadians.”

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Pride events worldwide have become synonymous with overt displays of graphic sexuality, including semi-nude or completely naked people parading down the streets, homosexuals engaging in public sex acts, and raunchy dancing.

“There were loads of people in nothing but underwear, dozens in leather bondage gear, and I saw at least a dozen topless women,” reported LifeSiteNews Canadian Bureau Chief Patrick Craine after attending Ottawa’s 2013 Gay Pride parade.

Craine summed up the event as a “large-scale, state-backed celebration of kinky sex.”

Pro-homosexual Vancouver Sun columnist Shelley Fralic harshly slammed the 2012 Vancouver Pride parade as an “X-rated public peep show”.

“When, exactly, did nudity become the new normal?” she asked. “And why is it okay for all of the above to take place in public, where such behaviour more commonly lands one in front of a judge?”

“How is it that a man can expose himself in a public park and, quite rightly, get his a– hauled off to jail but a coterie of rainbow-bright lads and lassies with dangling participles bumping and grinding on Denman Street is considered family fun?” she concluded.

Brian Rushfeldt, executive director of the Canada Family Action Coalition, succinctly assessed such events as “not a gay parade, it’s a sex parade”.

While the gay movement thunders “diversity” and “tolerance”, those who publicly dissent from the gay agenda experience no such pleasantries. Last year a Christian preacher peacefully evangelizing on a Toronto sidewalk during the Gay Pride parade was verbally assaulted by homosexual supporters as police watched. He was later surrounded by as many as 12 officers who eventually forced him to vacate the area.

WorldPride 2014 will take the place of Toronto’s usual Pride Week.