Worldwide pro-life video contest offers $2,000 in prizes

"Who knows, maybe your video can even save a life,” an organizer said. “Even if one life is saved through this contest, it's worth it."
Thu Oct 31, 2013 - 9:21 pm EST

HANOVER, Ontario, October 31, 2013 ( - A pro-life music video contest focusing on the sacred dignity of the pre-born child is open for submissions of original, creative videos – and the winner will receive $1,000.

The contest rules stipulate that submissions must use the uplifting pro-life song “You Are Mine” as the video soundtrack, which is available for download from the contest website.

Four prizes totaling $2,000 are being offered, with first place winning $1,000, a second place prize of $500, and third and forth places each being awarded $250.


Though the sponsoring pro-life groups are located in Ontario, international entries are welcomed – even encouraged.

Contestants then upload their creations to YouTube or Vimeo and send a link to the contest via the entry form.

"This contest is a direct effort to encourage people from around the world to put their creative and technical skills to work in an effort to stand up for life and the dignity of the unborn," say the sponsors of the contest, the Hanover Right to Life and Walkerton Right to Life pro-life groups.

Jason Taylor, one of the contest organizers, told that the goal of the contest is to get more and more people creating pro-life media, sharing it with their friends, and ultimately changing hearts and saving lives.

"We want to affirm and encourage creativity in the pro-life movement. With the onslaught of negative media being produced and consumed these days, especially by young people, we believe that it is important to get some positive and life-giving messages out there," Jason said.

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In addition to spreading the message through video uploading sites, he hopes the creations will go viral across social media – and have an impact far more lasting and significant than the prize money.

"It would be amazing if we had hundreds of entries posted all over YouTube and then hundreds of people sharing the links with their friends," Jason said.

"From that, especially with Facebook and Twitter, there would be many, many people exposed to a strong pro-life message, people who might not have otherwise seen such a video and message normally,” he said. "Ideally hearts would be changed towards respecting the sanctity of life” and “people currently in the pro-life movement would be affirmed by the message on the video."

The judges for the “You are Mine” pro-life music video contest are Rebecca Richmond, the executive director of National Campus Life Network; Pedro Guevara-Mann, producer/host at Salt + Light Television; and David Wang, the lead singer of the Catholic band Critical Mass.

Judging will take place in the New Year, with winners announced on an as yet undisclosed date at the end of January or beginning of February 2014.

"To enter, you don't have to be from Ontario,” say the contest sponsors. “What you do need to do is pretty the song that is provided on our website, make a powerful/moving pro-life video, and be awarded with a top prize if the judges choose your video!"

"Use your talents and gifts for good. Help promote the culture of life. Be creative," Jason said as he encouraged budding video artists to submit their creations.

"Who knows, maybe your video can even save a life,” Jason said. “Even if one life is saved through this contest, it's worth it."

The deadline for entry is Friday, December 27.


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