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April 9, 2018 (Newsbusters) – During the April 2 episode of Lifetime's drama UnREAL, titled “Transference,” a contestant vying for the affections of a wealthy Silicon Valley bachelorette spends $400,000 in an attempt to win her over. But the way in which he spent the money was truly icky.

Wealthy Brit Jasper Hunt (Bart Edwards) is trying to make amends with “suitress” Serena Wolcott (Caitlin FitzGerald) after she discovered he came on the Bachelor-type show Everlasting on a bet worth $400,000 if he was the first one to sleep with Serena. Needless to say, Serena was less than enchanted when she discovered this tidbit.

In order to get back into Serena's good graces, Jasper makes a grand gesture. He spends $400,000 of his personal wealth on what he thinks will knock Serena off her feet, ambushing her with a huge red flower heart display as she gets back from another date.

When she asks if he spent all of the $400,000 on the flowers, Jasper replies in the negative. He says it was only $100,000 for the flowers to come from South America. Another $100,000 went to Planned Parenthood and then the rest went to the liberal organization Girls Who Code.

Guy: What the hell is this?

Serena: Did you do this?

Guy: No.

Chet: Who's the lucky dude?

Quinn: I have no idea. You guys should switch.

Jasper: Chilean peonies are your favorite, right?

Serena: How did you know?

Jasper: I did my due diligence. I called in a few favors from the old South American Rolodex, and, uh, violà. Excuse us. Please. These are for you.

Guy: Unbelievable.

Jasper: And, uh, this is what $400,000 looks like. It's the money I could've won. The money I never would've taken.

Guy: Screw this.

Serena: You spent $400,000 on me?

Jasper: On flowers? No, no. Uh, well, maybe $100,000. It was another $100,000 to Planned Parenthood, and then another couple hundred to Girls Who Code. Look, Serena. I need you to know that that bet, the money, none of it means anything compared to you. I haven't got to where I am today without taking risks. I can bet every single penny that I have that the same could be said of you. So I'm asking you, please, take a risk. On me.

Serena: Jasper, this is, um… This is amazing. I'll think about it.

Tell Congress to keep their promise and defund Planned Parenthood. Sign the petition here!

LOL! After all that extravagance, Serena will “think about it.”

This show is certainly not a beacon of morality but stooping to promoting Planned Parenthood seems low even by its standards. Such a gesture sure isn't my idea of romance. In fact, a contribution to the billion dollar abortion business (half a billion coming from your tax money) is kind of the opposite of a romantic gift, to a normal person. They don't call the show “Unreal” for nothing!

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