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(LifeSiteNews) — A well-known Hollywood actress witnessed to her strong pro-life convictions in a recent podcast.  

In a March 1 episode of the pro-life podcast Speak Out, well-known American actress and practicing Christian mother-of-three Alexa PenaVega, best-known for her role in the early 2000s movie franchise Spy Kids, joined podcast host Christine Yeargin to discuss the reasons behind why she has previously referred to herself as “hardcore pro-life.” 

“Why am I hardcore pro-life? Because I believe that you’re killing a life, I really do,” she said. “That is a whole baby! That is a beautiful life!” 

“I will do whatever it takes to protect that.” 

PenaVega told Yeargin that she has always been pro-life because it just seemed like “common sense” to her, and that she cannot understand how people can mourn a miscarriage while at the same time advocate for abortion.  

“To me, that doesn’t add up,” she said.   

“At the end of the day, I think we are covering up the reality of what it is, and that is: you are killing a child.”  

PenaVega said that society now values “convenience” over human life and that her heart breaks because people are not able to recognize a baby as a human being.  

“It breaks my heart that people have been really manipulated into thinking that human life is just so disposable,” she said. “They can’t even look at a baby as something that is a human, that is alive. They keep using [the words] ‘a clump of cells, a clump of cells’.” 

“Well, we’re a clump of cells then,” she added. 

PenaVega also defended pro-lifers against the common claim that they are merely “pro-birth” and no longer care about life once the child is born. She argued that this belief is a “misconception,” and that the term “pro-life” in fact extends to all stages of life. 

“Being pro-life means all of life,” she stated. “Looking at the aspect of the child, but also the mom. The mom needs resources. The mom needs help. She needs love, and guidance and sometimes finances.” 

PenaVega stressed the importance of pro-lifers being present for and loving the woman herself, whether she is considering an abortion or is already post-abortive and in need of healing. She noted that a major problem in society is that people pretend to love women by offering abortion as the solution while failing to give her the love and support that she is actually searching for. 

“What’s the most important thing that people are looking for all the time?” she asked. “They are looking for connection, looking for love!”  

“For most of these women, it comes down to having support, not having somebody who is going to put them in a chair, suck out their baby, and send them on their way,” she continued. “I am talking about real human-to-human love and support.” 

To emphasize her point, PenaVega shared an experience that she had had in pro-life advocacy a year prior, when she spoke to a teenager who was considering abortion. She was able to convince her to keep the baby by telling her about the joys of motherhood.  

“For about an hour and a half we all spoke, and I just told her about the joy that I have with my kids, and [how] the greatest thing that I’ve ever felt is being able to tuck them in at night and seeing their beautiful little sleeping faces,” she said. “Those are moments that are so life-giving; they’re so simple, and yet they’re the most beautiful things you can experience as a mom.” 

“It will change your life,” she said.  

PenaVega said that she is still in touch with the young mother, who gave birth to a baby girl, and that the experience showed her the importance of being there for women as a pro-lifer. She said that while she herself has been beyond blessed in her own life,  she feels for those who do not have the same resources and stability as she does. 

“Because of that I want to grow the resources for women to know that they don’t have to give up that thing that empowers them, that beautiful blessing that they can experience, because it can be seen as an inconvenience,” she said. 

The actress also said that she believed that one of the great evils of abortion is that it has made pregnancy and motherhood into a sort of evil, when they are really the most powerful gifts that are reserved to women alone. 

“A mother-child bond is so unique and is something that cannot really be explained because it is so miraculous and the design is unreal,” she said. “And it just makes me really sad because we are just throwing all these beautiful facts away.” 

“It’s a convenience issue,” she stated.  

PenaVega stated that the tragedy is that instead of viewing pregnancy as a symbol of women’s true power, it is instead viewed as a weakness and as an evil that must be eliminated in order to succeed.   

“I think in all of this we are losing sight because it is being manipulated into thinking that we are helping women eliminate their problems,” she said. 

“We say we’re empowering women, but we are taking away something that makes them so powerful,” she continued. “We grow a whole world in our body. Is that not the most ridiculous thing? That’s not something a man can do. It is the most powerful thing in this world! We bring life!” 

PenaVega also stated her firm belief that abortion is inherently linked with the demonic, commenting on how the Church of Satan pays countless people every year to have abortions.  

“I think this is where we get into a lot of demonic crazy [nonsense],” she said. “I mean, the fact that the Satanic Church pays for so many people to have abortions!” 

The actress also mentioned how satanists are known to perform ritual abortions as a sort of ritual sacrifice, saying that the fact that satanists acknowledge this ironically proves that abortion is indeed murder.  

“If these are ritual abortions, which are considered sacrifices, you have to be alive to have a sacrifice,” she said. “So, it is human life because they are sacrificing human life in these abortion rituals.”  

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PenaVega said that while she has faced backlash for her pro-life beliefs as a prominent actress, she is not afraid to be openly pro-life.  

“I stand firm in my beliefs,” she said. “I am not going to waver. A couple of mean tweets or mean people online are not going to change my mind on where I stand.” 

“We’re choosing to be ignorant to all these because it’s easier,” she continued. “I don’t know why people are scared to talk about it. If you believe that human life is human life, then when does it start?” 

PenaVega is not the only celebrity who has spoken out against abortion. This past January, Hollywood actor Kevin Sorbo, best known for starring roles in television’s Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and Andromeda and who has also starred in Christian films including God’s Not Dead, caused media controversy after he tweeted that abortion is “murder” the day after the 50th anniversary of Roe v. Wade.  

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“Abortion is the murder of the unborn,” he tweeted on January 23. “There is no debate here.” 

A practicing Christian, Sorbo has defended the sanctity of life on various other occasions, such as in 2014, when he endorsed the production of a pro-life film about late-term abortionist Kermit Gosnell, Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer, debuted in 2018. More recently, Sorbo voiced a character in Choice42’s The Procedurea short pro-life video which demonstrates the horrors of abortion in graphic detail. 

Well-known rapper Kanye West is another celebrity who has been unafraid to witness to his pro-life beliefs. On numerous occasions, West has spoken up for the pro-life cause, stating that he is pro-life because he is “following the word of the Bible.” West has also been outspoken in calling out Planned Parenthood’s discriminatory targeting of black people, calling the abortion provider a “Black Holocaust Museum” and stating that “Planned Parenthoods have been placed inside cities by white supremacists to do the Devil’s work.”  

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