Here are snippets of just a few of the many touching comments we regularly receive from our supporters. We are always bowled over by them and deeply appreciative of such affirmation. It really helps. We thank these people for their encouragement, even more than for the financial support they send. It’s so good to know we are supported by folks who truly are “the salt of the earth.”

I believe in what you do. Stay strong, we are out here staying strong because of the truth you speak.
Amanda O, Delaware, USA

I love your emails; even though sometimes make me cry.  But that is good because makes me pray for “the least of these.”
Lisa T. – Texas, USA

Thank you for being the main source of truthful news in the world. I recommend your site to others regularly.
Treasa V – Australia

We are so thankful to the Lord that we can renew our recurring monthly donations.  Your articles have truly educated me into discerning the Truth. 
Maurizio C. – California, USA

I’m not Catholic but so appreciate the good and godly work that you do. Your devotion to God’s Biblical standards inspires me.
Lucinda B. – Minnesota, USA

I don’t want to imagine what our world would be like without people like you to keep us informed.
Kathleen S. – California, USA

I admire your honesty unlike what we get in a newspaper or many times on the news.
Sharon D. – Texas, USA

I love and depend upon your website for clear and truthful reporting on issues so important in today’s world.  Thank you for your courage and commitment to Truth.
Larry H. – Texas, USA

I read and rely on Life Site News every day to stay current with the moral issues of our day. There is no better source in my opinion
Jan A. – Kentucky, USA

I tell everyone that this website is the best!
Victoria C. – California, USA

Keep up the amazing work you do – there is no other organization that can match the impact of your efforts.
Michael and Susan U. – Ohio, USA

Love your news station; you’re becoming “radio-free” America.  We are so grateful for the “real” news and are so grateful for your faithfulness to the truth. 
Eileen V – Illinois, USA

Thank you for your stellar reporting during this crisis with the HHS mandate.
Jonathan and Abigail B. – California, USA

Thanks for all the pro-life stories impossible to find on other sites!
Sandra F. – California, USA

I read your articles to my high school students on a daily basis, and many of them have begun reading them on their own.  This is an important tool.
Jeremy and Elizabeth Y. – USA

You are my ray of hope that the assault on Christianity can be overcome!
Eleanor D. – California, USA

My funds are very limited but especially in light of the unfaithful priest who is suing you I want to make a small contribution.
Elizabeth D. – Wisconsin, USA

Your website is unique in getting the truth out as to the moral depravity happening in the world.  Please don’t stop!
Eva C. – Connecticut, USA

I am bowled over by your wonderful website, printing the prolife truth.  God give you all the strength and carry on.
Deanna L. – Alberta, Canada

I look forward to read your messages every morning. Have the courage to continue.  I trust you 100%.
Therese B. – Nova Scotia

I may not be Catholic but I do support all your efforts and appreciate the truth on subjects.
Elroy P.  – British Columbia, Canada

Our 17 year old son is responsible for 75% of this donation.  Keep fighting to spread the TRUTH
Bradley J. – Alberta, Canada

Thank you for equipping the world with the truth. Your work does immeasurable good in the world. Where would we be without you?
Andy P. – Ontario, Canada

You are the wind beneath our wings. 
Ann S. – Ontario, Canada