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Lightning strikes the Vatican, Feb. 11, 2013, hours after Pope Benedict XVI announced his resignation.

September 25, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) — These days, for faithful Catholics, it seems not a week goes by without an unending barrage of bad news.

LGBT and pro-abortion activists have hijacked our culture and are holding it hostage. The priest sex abuse scandal seems like a hoarder’s house, where we have yet to see the floor. Two -thirds of Catholics don’t understand or don’t believe in the Real Presence. And now we watch helplessly as German prelates gloat over the irreversible changes they are about to enact, under the guise of better serving the needs of the Pan-Amazon region.

These are the times that try men’s souls…

On those days when we seem to be storm-tossed in our ride on the Barque of Peter, we search for comfort in each other, whether in person, or on websites like this one, where we can read articles and commentary from sources we trust and where we often find the consoling words of heroic Catholic laymen and from our true shepherds of the Church.

We give thanks to God that these shepherds have not failed us, and we continue to look to them as they lead us through this “valley of the shadow of death.” We do not cease to pray and fast for them and for the whole Mystical Body of the Church. And we will continue to do so throughout these next 40 days, as they have asked.

But for those who wish there were something more they could do, there is a project afoot that is taking the fight for the soul of the Catholic faith to the streets of Rome. 

Called the Discover Your Roots project, this group of concerned Catholics plans to have “boots on the ground” in Rome during this Pan-Amazon Synod and to distribute thousands of free copies of a unique book to visitors there.

Treasure and Tradition, the book they plan to use as ammunition in their fight, was originally written by a mother of six, as a way of explaining to her children the actions — as well as the meaning behind the actions — in the Extraordinary Form of the Mass. Designed to imitate the visual style of today’s popular nonfiction books, it presents easily digestible morsels of sound Catholic doctrine in a format that appeals to all ages and backgrounds. Those who pick it up out of sheer curiosity, Catholic or not, find it hard to put down…and that’s just what the Discover Your Roots team is counting on.

And in keeping with the geographical focus of the synod, they will have copies of this book available in the major languages spoken there: English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

This ambitious project will begin on October 13, the anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun, as well as the canonization day for Cardinal John Henry Newman and the first Brazilian-born female saint, Dulce Lopes Pontes. Hundreds of thousands of Catholics from around the world will pack St. Peter’s Square that day, and many of them will bring home a copy of this book, spreading its message of the beauty, as well as the historical and scriptural roots, of the Mass.

The Discover Your Roots team will remain in Rome to distribute further copies until the end of the month and will spend their days centered on offering reparation for the many harms being done to our Church, through daily Mass, rosary, holy hour, and the praying of the Divine Office, right in the shadow of the Apostolic Palace.

They ask for our prayers of support during their mission, but they are also seeking additional volunteers to help distribute these books, especially before and after the Canonization Mass on the 13th.  To learn more about this ambitious project, volunteer your time, or send messages of support, visit the Discover Your Roots blog.