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“… the College has been the subject of much discussion and negative publicity…My office has been barraged with phone calls and e-mails…”

Providence College’s president, Fr. Brian Shanley, has finally come to the defense of student Michael Smalanskas, who had to be protected by campus security since the  harassment and threats he received for his defense of Catholic teaching on marriage were so severe. Without you Michael would not have been defended! Before we reported on the case, the Administration was content to bury their heads in the sand.

As the President of the College’s press release reveals, it was your support that made this possible. It was LifeSite’s reporting on the issue, and interview with the student himself, that pressured the College to finally take a stand for its Catholic identity, and for traditional marriage!

But this battle is FAR from over. Those who stand for life and family around the world need a clear voice, unafraid to speak TRUTH without compromise.

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The truth is – not all stories end like the one at Providence College.

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We interviewed the student involved at Providence College, Michael Smalanskas, and he was very direct in telling us: “there are still reasons for serious concern moving forward.”

The battle is not over – and we need your help today to continue to report on developments that affect our culture everyday! Donate today!

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