‘You can’t redefine reality’: Black leader blasts abortion, LGBT activism in new book

Ryan Bomberger's new book shows 'how the civil rights movement has been hijacked,' he tells LifeSiteNews in a video interview.
Mon Jun 27, 2016 - 1:41 pm EST
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June 27, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) – An African-American pro-life leader has written a new book taking on abortion, LGBT activism, adoption, fatherlessness, and the “war on common sense.” he told LifeSiteNews in an exclusive video interview.

Ryan Bomberger, the Chief Creative Officer of The Radiance Foundation, spoke about his book, Not Equal: Civil Rights Gone Wrong, in a video interview with LifeSiteNews.

Bomberger says he wrote the book to show “how the civil rights movement has been hijacked, and how we’re at a place right now, in 2016, that somehow some human lives aren’t equal.”

Not Equal is a “journalistic journey” of Bomberger’s articles and graphics that address modern injustices and hypocrisies, such as the LGBT movement decrying “inequality” yet “[supporting] the most violent form of it at the same time,” said Bomberger.

Not Equal features articles about Bomberger’s experience as someone who was conceived in rape, fatherlessness in the African-American community, “black genocide and the black leaders who support it,” myths about Planned Parenthood, and progressive movements like Black Lives Matter and the LGBT cause.

“We have a society that kind of wants to redefine everything—redefine gender, redefine family,” said Bomberger.  “You can’t redefine reality.”

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He also said that the breakdown of the family has contributed to the prevalence of abortion, which targets vulnerable women.

Bomberger said he hopes Not Equal can inspire young men to “step up” and defend life as well as be the support they are meant to be for women in their lives.

“As a father, it is really my heart to talk about this epidemic of fatherlessness and how men need to step up, and how young men need to be taught what it means to be a man, what those responsibilities are, what it means to be a father—and a good father, a loving and devoted father, and what it means to be actually able to interact in healthy ways with women,” he said.

“Seven men in robes had a say about Roe v. Wade,” Bomberger continued.  “They’re the ones who determined a law that actually caused the killing of 57 million.  So men have a responsibility when they see this injustice [of abortion], to be involved, to step up, to speak life, to be a support” to women facing unexpected pregnancies.

Conceived in rape: ‘The 1 percent that is used 100 percent of the time’

Bomberger told LifeSiteNews that those conceived as a result of rape are “constantly used and abused” to promote abortion.

“I’m really the 1 percent that is used 100 percent of the time to justify abortions,” he said.  “Many people will call” lives of those conceived in rape “the ‘hard cases’ but I call them the ‘heart cases.’”

Part of “what’s woven into this book,” Bomberger said, is that “those who experience the horror of rape…need to be supported, they need to be loved.  We need to be punishing the rapists instead of punishing the child and punishing the woman.”

‘Choose to be fearless’

Much of Not Equal addresses the abortion industry’s eugenics agenda and civil rights leaders who work hand-in-hand with a movement that was founded largely to eliminate minority populations.

Bomberger told LifeSiteNews he is not surprised that Planned Parenthood is building a “flagship” abortion facility right next to an elementary school in a Washington, DC neighborhood near minority populations.

“This is what Planned Parenthood does,” he said.  “They are predatory.  They know exactly where they need to go. … They are in places of need, but the need is for someone to come in with life-affirming help, not with some profit-driven institution of death.” 

Bomberger said he hopes that those who read Not Equal but don’t necessarily agree with him on abortion or other issues will come to realize that every human life has purpose and that “we have no idea what we steal away from our world when a human life is extinguished by abortion.” 

“None of us could ever possibly be the arbiters of human value,” he said.

Bomberger urged those in the African-American community to “be an Uncle Tom for Life” and stressed the importance of speaking truth to power in order to end injustice.

“LGBTQ groups, mainstream media, Big Abortion, the political establishment, public education and even many in the Church (both Protestant and Catholic) really just want one thing from any dissenters—our silence,” Bomberger wrote in chapter 15, We Are Not Equal.

“History begs us to remember what happens when people are silenced, when certain human lives are considered more ‘equal’ than others, and when the elite control the conversation,” the essay continues.  “Inequality has a long timeline of deceit and destruction.  But there exists, in every generation, those who will choose to be fearless.”

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