Today we are launching our 2016 Spring fundraising campaign! This critical campaign will enable us to cover the costs of our investigative reporting and international news service for the next quarter.

Our minimum goal for this campaign is $200,000, and we must reach that goal by April 1st.

This amount only covers our basic costs for keeping this Truth mission operating – it does not include major updates and improvements that are mandatory for any leading Internet news service, much-needed additional staff, additional language versions – and more.

We would dearly love to accommodate at least some of the seemingly endless number of requests for additional services that we receive from pro-life and pro-family groups around the world.

Will you help us reach our goal today with a gift of $25 or more?

Your donation goes to support:

  • 25+ full and part-time journalists and staff who keep this mission afloat from day to day
  • 15-20 news reports published each day, including original and time-consuming investigative reports pertaining to life and family
  • A state-of-the-art website that can accommodate the tens of millions of readers who want to access our reports
  • Live coverage of the Marches for Life in Washington D.C., Ottawa, Rome, and France, as well as other major breaking pro-life and pro-family events around the world.

We raise nearly all our operating costs through these online quarterly campaigns.

That means your donation does not go towards costly direct-mail fundraising.

Nearly all of our staff work from their homes, so your donation is not used to pay for large overhead costs associated with maintaining office space.

Your donation directly supports the mission of LifeSiteNews: producing and delivering fearless, hard-hitting, truthful pro-life and pro-family news reporting!

We are proud of the fact that LifeSite is a truly reader-funded enterprise.

Last month, over 4 million people came LifeSite where they viewed over 6.5million pages in search of the truth about life and family issues that they can’t find in the mainstream media.

The amazing thing is, if only 1% of our readers could give just $5, we would reach our goal!

Just imagine what we could do if just 10% of our readers gave only $5?

We would have no problem growing our presence in Latin America, Australia, France, and the many, many countries that have requested our services in helping to build a Culture of Life.

And we would be able to put more resources into our our cutting-edge social media-based efforts to engage millions more people with the Truth about the life and family issues that are so pertinent to our times.

This is precisely how anti-life organizations like Planned Parenthood are able to maintain such control over the narrative surrounding the life issues – they are extremely well-funded and can stay ahead of the curve regarding social media and PR efforts to gift-wrap their anti-life message to the public.

LifeSite has a proven track record of providing the Truth on issues no one else will cover and being a catalyst for cultural change.

With your support, we can increase our efforts to reach more people with the truth and help to build a Culture of Life.

Will you support our news service today with a gift of $25, $50, $100, or perhaps $250 or more?

Perhaps you have the ability to give $1,000, $5,000, $10,000, $20,000 or more?

Such larger gifts are especially needed to cover the more costly development projects necessary to reach even far more people with our culture-changing news reports.

If you are considering a substantial gift, please contact us to see how we can make a larger impact with your gift.

We are grateful for any gift you can give to LifeSite, large or small. Every gift truly plays a role in keeping our mission alive and successful!