SALTILLO, Mexico, August 30, 2013 ( –“You need to be sick in the head” to think that lesbians and homosexuals suffer from mental illness and are “condemned” by God, according to Mexican Bishop Raúl Vera López.

“A lot of people in the Church don’t want to recognize the scientific truth about homosexuality. They want to think that homosexuality is a form of human perversion, a disease,” he said in an interview to Terra TV.

In his latest interview the bishop also laughed that, “A mother came to me complaining that her son was hanging around with those degenerates, those gays. And I told her, ‘You can condemn yourself, because your child was formed that way in your own womb.’”


Twin studies have discredited notions of a conclusive gay gene.

The bishop said the concept of homosexuality as a mental illness “doesn’t exist any longer, scientifically speaking.”

He explained that “some people have an anatomic make-up that does not correspond with their hormonal make-up. But he admitted that, “scientifically speaking,” no research has ever proven that homosexuality is not a mental disorder.

Former president of the American Psychology Association Dr. Nicholas Cummings, who was also the author of the motion to remove homosexuality from the organization’s list of mental illnesses, has said after he made the resolution he expected “unbiased, open research” into the question.

“It was never done,” he said last year in an interview with representatives of the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality.

This is not the first time that Bishop Vera López has publicly voiced stances at odds with Catholic teaching.

Two years ago the bishop underwent investigation by Vatican officials because he had affiliated to his diocese a group that openly promoted the homosexual lifestyle. Bishop Vera was their “spiritual guide.”

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He later declared: “If a gay or lesbian person approaches me, why would I immediately think that they are degenerate or depraved? This is what homophobes do. This is it, it’s a mental illness.”

When asked if this meant the Church was going to take on new approach on these matters, he answered: “There’s no new approach, it’s the one the Church has always had. We need to read the Scripture more carefully, paying attention to the real and historic context, because we have used the Bible to tell homosexuals that they’re condemned.”

Fr. Vera López won the Rafto Prize 2010 for his work on “human rights” in Mexico.