VANCOUVER, July 20, 2001 ( – Pro-life activists Mary Wagner and Glenn Reed were on trial yesterday in Vancouver for charges of mischief; for ‘interfering with the lawful use of a facility’. The two were arrested on the morning of June 25th while sitting prayerfully in front of the doors of the Everywoman’s Health Centre, a notorious Vancouver abortuary. Wagner and Reed held roses as a sign of respect for life, and attempted to counsel abortuary clients and staff.

The pair represented themselves in court, and did not contest the circumstances surrounding the arrest. Wagner read a statement reminding the court of past injustices under the law to first nations peoples, women, and slaves, resulting from non-recognition of their personhood and consequent right to life. Quoting from Thoreau, she clarified the distinction between what is legal and what is morally right. She then cited the call to civil disobedience in the face of laws so manifestly unjust as those allowing the killing of babies by abortion.

Wagner, who has been before the courts on numerous occasions for her pro-life activism, was sentenced to three months and a day with two years probation. Reed was given a conditional discharge and two years probation, during which time he is ordered to stay out of the city block containing the abortuary. If he is found in breach of the order the original charge will be re-instated.

Both activists were given a standing ovation as they walked through the corridor after the trial, Wagner in handcuffs and under police escort. Her statement will be available to read on LifeSite in the coming days.