October 23, 2013 ( – Twenty-six year old singer Caitlin Jane didn’t set out to be a pro-life singer. On the contrary. While she was raised in a Christian home and had always considered herself pro-life, she told in a recent interview that she was intimidated into silence by the mainstream media’s portrayal of pro-life activists as angry and bitter.

“It made me uncomfortable,” Caitlin said, “and I think I had a false impression of the pro-life movement, thinking it was kind of negative people, and I saw how the mainstream media portrayed pro-lifers and I said, ‘Hey, I don’t want to get involved with this.’”

Caitlin says she spent her childhood feeling called to two very different worlds: the music industry and the mission field. “Even as a child, I was thinking about these two things all the time, and thinking about where the Lord might lead me with my life. My heart was being tugged at,” Caitlin said. 

But it wasn’t until she arrived at college that Caitlin finally found her voice, both in music and in activism. She said there was a local group in Delaware devoted to praying specifically about legislation being introduced concerning life issues.  Some of the bills they prayed about, recalled Caitlin, were “really scary.”  She was particularly frightened by a bill she said would have allowed human cloning in order to destroy the embryo for research purposes.

Finally, during Caitlin’s senior year, she watched a friend go through an unplanned pregnancy.   “I was just extremely moved by it,” she said.  “The day I found out, I just thought, ‘What if that was me?’  As a young woman who is in the Christian community, raised in the church, it hit me for the first time how these women must feel pulled between the world and the message that ‘It’s your body, you know, it’s your choice, it’s just tissue, it’s easy , it’s comfortable, get rid of it, that’s your most convenient option,’ and then the Church, which endorses life, but at the same time, doesn’t really offer a lot of support or encouragement to the women many times.  I thought how I might feel condemned going into church, and going, ‘oh, look at my [unwed pregnancy].’  It would be a tough situation.”

Said Caitlin, “I think the whole issue just really hit me in a very strong way, and that night I couldn’t sleep, and I scribbled these notes of lyrics while lying in bed.”  Those notes were the first draft of “Unborn.”

“When I woke up the next morning, I came up with the music,” said Caitlin.  “As a songwriter, that was sort of extraordinary, because often it takes a lot of work crafting a song, and I really felt like the Holy Spirit just gave me this song.”

Even with divine inspiration on her side, Caitlin was hesitant to share her creation with the world.  “I didn’t want to sing it for anyone at first,” she said.  “I still felt a little uncomfortable about the whole [pro-life] issue.”

But when she told her father about the song, he urged her to take it public.  “My dad is a man of character and loves truth, and he said, you know, ‘God gave you this, and you need to sing it, and you need to record it. Now.’”

So Caitlin found a friend with a recording studio who could record the single on short notice, and teamed up with another singer, Nicolle Maurer, to add depth to the track.  She chose Maurer in part because she has an emotional connection of her own to the pro-life movement – as the ninth child born to Afghan immigrants who could barely feed the eight children they had, Maurer was placed with a loving family through open adoption.  As a result, Caitlin said, Maurer is “passionate about life.”

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“I knew Caitlin from college,” Maurer told LifeSiteNews by phone. “She told me one day, ‘I have this song, and I want to play it for you.’ So we sat in the chapel on the campus and she played it, and I don’t know if she asked me to start singing with her, but I just, like, started singing, harmonizing with her.  And I really liked the song.  So it was just really cool, and the video came later.”

“Your choice is all I have.
Your voice my only chance.
Please keep me.“


Those are the words of the chorus of the song, called “Unborn.”  The song and accompanying video, which features a woman facing a crisis pregnancy and follows her through her decision to carry the baby to term, have been slowly gaining momentum on Youtube, with over 70,000 views as of this writing.

Caitlin said she knows of multiple babies that have been saved after their abortion-minded mothers watched the video, and the song’s popularity has opened up opportunities for her to participate in pro-life events all over the world. 

“I feel totally in awe of God and the Holy Spirit and how He moves,” Caitlin said, laughing. “I’m just this girl who wanted to hide my pro-life position, you know, and just be a quiet pro-lifer, and now He’s put me out there on the stage.”

While Caitlin admits that center stage is a place she’d always dreamed of being, she said, “I guess I wanted [to deliver] a more comfortable message.”  But she says she’s come to realize that “the truth isn’t always comfortable, but truth sets you free.”

Added Caitlin, “I guess the whole lesson is, just listen to the Holy Spirit’s promptings, and when he calls you to something, definitely walk down that path, even if it’s not something you’re comfortable with.”

As for Caitlin’s childhood dilemma between her dreams of musical stardom and her pull toward missionary work, the singer says she feels like right now, she has the best of both worlds.

“It’s interesting because I feel like [God] has really combined those two passions,” Caitlin told LifeSiteNews.  “I’ve been able to use music as a mission, and that’s been such a blessing.”

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