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With Christmas upon us, you are likely finishing up your shopping for friends and family. I hope you will consider adding a gift of support for LifeSiteNews to your list.

We have JUST 5 days left in our Christmas fundraising campaign – and just under $200,000 still left to raise. A gift from you today would be greatly appreciated!

Our mission at LifeSiteNews is truly unique (see the list below of current and exciting new, upcoming projects from LifeSite).

We are one of the only news organizations fighting to save our culture from every angle. With the constant attacks on life, the complete degradation of the family, the disregard for parental rights, and crises within the Catholic and other churches, there has never been a greater need for a mission like ours.

Your donation today can have a meaningful impact on our reporting in the new year.

You and hundreds of thousands of other readers come to our site every day to find the truth. You want the stories that mainstream media ignores or misreports, and you want to better understand how to discuss these stories within your spheres of influence. You are the culture-changers. And because of our LifeSite giving family, we are able to provide a news service you know you can trust.

Today I would like to ask, will you join our giving family? Without your support, we cannot reach as many culture changers as we need to transform our culture. But together, we can make even greater strides.

Throughout the year I hear directly from activists, leaders, readers, and supporters of ours who are impacted by our journalism (and who in turn are impacting culture!).

The number of requests we receive from people around the world with news tips and urgent pleas regarding the most important issues of our day – whose efforts and voice simply MUST be heard in the culture – has been notably increasing over the past year and is overwhelming!

And thanks to all those who support this mission, our wide network of trained reporters in the United States, Canada, Rome, France and Mexico, we have been able to cover breaking pro-life and pro-family developments from on the ground!

Today, I’d like to humbly invite you to give the gift of Truth this Christmas by donating towards our Christmas campaign.

You can also make a donation by phone or by mail.

With only 5 days left to reach our goal of $300,000, we need each of our readers to increase their commitment to this, your news service, with a gift of support.

By joining our giving family, your support will provide us the means of responding to the cultural crisis on a much larger scale. We have just hired 5 new staff and are seeking to hire yet another one to fill a key new need.

In addition to publishing 15-20 news reports each day, we have launched these various projects to address the various needs in our culture:

  • is a groundbreaking pro-life and pro-family petition platform. (Already nearly two million people have signed petitions, helping to create concrete pro-life and pro-family change!)

  • Faithful Insight is a 100% faithful, hard-hitting Vatican news magazine aimed at informing our Catholic reader base

  • Faithful Shepherds is an accountability project for U.S. Bishops, encouraging them to hold true to Catholic teaching

  • Voice of the Family is a network of over two dozen pro-life and pro-family organizations intended to defend traditional Christian teaching on the family

  • The Rome Life Forum is a gathering of international pro-life and pro-family activists at the Vatican to develop a global pro-life and pro-family strategy

  • The Rome Youth Conference gathers and equips young people from around the world to strengthen their faith at this special conference devoted to issues related to life, family, and faith. They hear from phenomenal speakers and witness dozens of other young people courageously living out their faith and witnessing to the Gospel.

  • LifeFacts is a section on our website where we are compiling the best research and information related to abortion and other life issues

  • COMING UP: We are launching a brand new podcast in 2019 called The van Maren Show! We will feature a very talented writer, Jonathon van Maren, who will be talking with major pro-life and pro-family leaders on developments related to life and family throughout the year.

  • Coming in 2019: A greatly expanded offering of LifeSite video productions and weekly and perhaps daily programs by a very special guest.

As you can see, not only are we tackling the culture from every angle with our journalism, but these projects are enabling us to restore the very building blocks of our culture. And our needs are ever growing!

Thanks be to God, our faithful supporters have always responded to our fundraising appeals generously  – but as our needs have grown, we need thousands of new supporters to come on board and join them!

A gift of $35 will pay for a tank of gas for just one journalist to report on the ground at an event, like the March for Life in Washington D.C. in January.

A gift of $50 will help cover the cost of a social media ad, amidst censorship, to ensure our reporting reached as many as 10,000 people on social media.

A gift of $200 will help cover the cost of equipment for just one of our journalists to do high-quality, professional breaking news reporting.

A gift of $500 or more will help offset the cost to host our website on a server who won’t cave to pro-LGBT threats.

With only 5 days remaining in our Christmas campaign, we need all of our readers to donate whatever they can (whether $5 or $500!) to help us reach this minimum goal.

Your gift to LifeSite this Christmas will ensure our thorough and hard-hitting journalism will not just continue, but continue to grow!

Our journalists have personal relationships with leaders and activists across the world who feed us news tips and information. We then follow up, investigate, research, and report on what we find. In some cases, this means not just hours, but sometimes weeks of research – just to get to the bottom of a single story!

In many cases, mainstream media gets the story on our issues completely wrong, and by digging deep we have been able to correct the public record – even forcing corrections from publications like the New York Times!

We get stories right the first time. Our journalists “pick up the phone” and go straight to the source, rather than relying on the Internet or other media. The investigations we do, and the reports we must write are difficult. But millions of people just like you rely on our reporting on these hard truths every day.

This isn’t a responsibility we take lightly.

We are humbled by the role we play in the culture war, and we approach our work as missionaries for truth – not merely as employees with a job to do. Every penny we raise through your support goes back into our reporting.

But, we can only do this kind of reporting, and seek to restore our culture through it, if each of our readers increase their commitment to our mission today.

Can I count on you to provide the gift of TRUTH with your donation of $5, $25, $100, $500, $1,000, $5,000 or more – today?  (Click here to donate)

This Christmas, I hope you will help us to reach our absolutely minimum campaign goal of $300,000 by December 21st so that we can continue to provide the truth to as many people as possible as next year.