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The Lifesite team at our 2017 summer staff retreat in Virginia.LifeSite

Travelling all over the world for speaking engagements is always a rewarding experience for me, as I get to hear directly from our readers and supporters. In particular, I love sharing all the things your support is allowing us to do in support of pro-life and pro-family efforts around the globe!

If you are new to our mission, or considering a donation to our annual Spring campaign – this may be the most important fundraising letter that you read during this campaign! I strongly encourage you to spend a few short moments to read it in full.

And just a reminder, that we have just 11 days left in our annual Spring fundraising campaign – and a steep $223,515 left to raise.

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With the support of readers and donors just like you, LifeSite has been able to expand to answer the greatly increasing number of requests we receive from leaders and activists whose efforts and voice simply MUST be heard in the culture!

We now have a continually growing team of 30+ full- and part-time professional editors, journalists and support staff from all around the world! And that doesn’t even include other absolutely necessary contractors like our web design agency, graphic designers, lawyers, accountants and many other outside services needed to run such a major website.

And thanks to your support, this wide network of trained reporters in the United States, Canada, Rome, France and Mexico, we are able to cover even more of the breaking pro-life and pro-family developments from on the ground!

And, in addition to our core mission of news reporting, your support has provided us the means of responding to the cultural crisis to a much larger scale:

  • Launched, a groundbreaking pro-life and pro-family petition platform. (Already nearly two million people have signed petitions, helping to create concrete pro-life and pro-family change!)

  • Launched Faithful Insight, a 100% faithful, hard-hitting magazine aimed at high-information Catholic readers

  • Co-founded Voice of the Family, a network of over two dozen pro-life and pro-family organizations intended to defend traditional Christian teaching on the family

  • Founded the annual Rome Life Forum, a gathering of international pro-life and pro-family activists at the Vatican to develop a global pro-life and pro-family strategy

  • Created LifeFacts, a new section on our website where we are compiling the best research and information related to abortion and other life issues

But as LifeSiteNews has grown, so too have our needs! Thanks be to God, so far faithful supporters like you have always responded to our fundraising appeals generously  – and as we have grown, thousands of new supporters have come on board, thrilled to discover that there is a professional, expanding news agency that reflects their beliefs!

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We are constantly pushing our journalists to go above and beyond – to resist the temptation to go the easy route taken by too many publications these days to simply cut and paste, or regurgitate journalism from larger agencies. We take professional journalism very seriously.

LifeSite has developed personal relationships with hundreds of pro-life leaders and activists all over the globe who constantly feed us news tips and information. Our full-time, part-time, and volunteer journalists then follow up, investigate, research, and report on what they find.

In some cases, this means not just hours, but days, or even weeks of research – sometimes just to get to the bottom of a single story! In many cases, our journalists have quickly realized that the mainstream media got a story on our issues completely wrong, and by digging deep have been able to correct the public record – even forcing corrections from publications like the New York Times!

In some dramatic cases, such as the Development & Peace scandal in Canada, the Synods on the Family, the Vatican population and environmental conferences, the backlash against the sex-ed curriculum in Ontario, and our Catholic Relief Services investigations, our journalists have spent months digging through massive amounts of confusing information, making dozens of phone calls, writing numerous articles, and putting those articles through more revisions than I care to remember.

We constantly remind our journalists to “pick up the phone” – to go straight to the source, rather than relying on the Internet or other media. We routinely hold stories for days, simply because we haven’t yet been able to get a response from some important person or organization involved, and we’d rather get the story right, than be the first one to report on it.

Oftentimes, the investigation we must do, and the reports we must write are difficult. But with your support, we are able to report on the issues that most directly affect life and family – the reports most are unable (or unwilling) to write.

We know you count on LifeSite to report those hard truths. And so do millions of people around the world!

And because of your support, we are able to be dedicated to truth, put in the time and resources necessary to get all the facts related to the issues that must be covered, and become the #1 most-read pro-life site on the Internet.

This isn’t a position we take lightly. Rather, we are humbled by the role we play in the culture war, and we approach our work as missionaries for truth – not as employees with a job to do. Every penny we raise through your support goes back into our reporting.

Our journalists work from home, with less than normal market salaries, but justice requires that we try to pay them enough to raise their families.

People are constantly amazed when they learn more about the scope of the work we do, and just how comparatively little funding we require to do it. But we are only capable of this because of the generous support of our readers, just like you!

Can I count on you to provide the TRUTH to a world in very great need of that truth with your donation of $5, $25, $100, $500, $1,000, $5,000 or more – whatever you can afford – no matter how small or large.

We are hopeful that you will help us to reach our absolutely minimum campaign goal of $250,000 before March 29th.