TORONTO, Ontario, December 20, 2011 ( – Building on the success of the 2,000-strong ‘Defund abortion’ rally in October, pro-life youth in Ontario have launched a leafleting blitz to inform the province’s voters that their government wastes millions of dollars a year on the deadly procedure.

On Saturday, members of Campaign Life Coalition Youth distributed 1,000 pamphlets in the ridings of three pro-abortion Members of Provincial Parliament in Ontario who had slammed Prime Minister Stephen Harper after he appeared to say that the government would not fund abortion overseas in its G8 maternal health initiative (The government later approved a grant to International Planned Parenthood under the auspices of the program, however.).

In May 2010, Ontario NDP leader Andrea Horwath, along with NDP MPPs France Gelinas and Cheri DiNovo, protested Harper’s decision at Queen’s Park by standing up in the legislature and covering their mouths with white cards that carried a large X.


“Our goal in conducting the blitz was to send the message that this issue isn’t going away and to hold them accountable for their position supporting abortion and abortion funding,” said Alissa Golob, coordinator of CLC Youth.

“This blitz was a great success, and I’m excited for an even bigger one across the province in the new year,” Golob added.

In January, CLC Youth will launch a larger province-wide campaign with groups of young people delivering pamphlets in cities throughout Ontario to encourage citizens to call on their MPPs to take action to defund abortion.

Campaign Life Coalition estimates that the province spends around $30-50 million every year on abortion, a procedure that is used in the vast majority of cases as a form of back-up birth control.  They base that figure on pro-abortion activist Joyce Arthur’s estimation that an abortion costs $1,000 on average and the fact that statistics have put Ontario’s annual number of abortions at between 30,000 and 50,000.

They note that this funding comes as the province faces growing demands on the health care system, pointing out that with those funds it could hire 200 or more new doctors, treat 500 more children with autism, or buy 20 new MRI machines.

“By the very fact that our provincial government is forcing us to fund the killing of children, they are making us accomplices in the greatest crime of our time.  This goes against our very democratic rights,” said Golob.

“We need to send the message loud and clear that we will not put up with it any longer,” she added.  “This issue cannot and will not go away.”

If you are interested in joining young people across the province in your hometown in January, please contact Youth Coordinator Alissa Golob at [email protected].