By Peter J. Smith

NUREMBURG, March 29, 2007 ( – An officer of the German Youth Welfare Office (Jugendamt) yesterday told a German television station that homeschooler Melissa Busekros is happy in state custody away from her family, despite evidence to the contrary. A Jugendamt officer brusquely ended a meeting between Melissa and her family, after her father showed her the mendacious video on his laptop.

For over two months, 15 year-old homeschooled Melissa Busekros has been in the custody of Germany’s Jugendamt, an organization created by National Socialist (Nazi) chancellor Adolf Hitler in 1939 to supervise and control families politically after he banned homeschooling in 1938 as subversive to indoctrinating German youth in the Nazi ideology. The Jugendamt ordered Melissa to undergo psychiatric treatment for “school phobia,” and has placed her in a foster home and location unknown to her parents who are allowed to see their daughter only once a week.

According to the International Human Rights Group (IHRG), an organization working closely with the Busekros’ and other oppressed homeschooling families in Germany, a Jugendamt officer said on television that Melissa Busekros had never asked to go home, preferring state custody to her family.

“The father was showing the videotape to the daughter when another worker within the room for the visit came over and slammed the computer shut, called the police, and had him escorted off the property,” Joel Thornton, president of IHRG told “They’re only allowed 1 hour visit a week, and they ended this visit and made him leave.”

“The father was trying to give Melissa some insight about what the world outside was saying because she doesn’t have any access to any form of media where she’s being kept,” Thornton said. “He wanted her to see what was being said, but particularly what this youth officer was saying about her not wanting to go home, even though she basically requests to everyone she talks to that she wants to go home.”

Thornton also referenced that Melissa had written the IHRG a letter March 12, petitioning their help to return to her family. (

“I suspect the Youth Office is not happy with all the attention they’re getting, and they’re trying to put more pressure on the Busekros family.”

The Busekros family has hired an attorney named Hildebrand from the Nuremburg area, and are filing a legal action on Monday against the government officials that raided their home.

“It’s no monetary request, it’s merely a request for the government to recognize it as illegal to go into their home to take the daughter,” said Thornton, who said the family hopes this action will discourage the government from seizing their other children.

Although Hubert Busekros will be able to visit his daughter again, a representative of the Jugendamt will always supervise the family’s visits at some facility other than the previous government clearinghouse.

Thornton told that he was going to meet with 4 other homeschooling families in the Dresden area this weekend, and also with the Brause family, which lost legal custody of their children to the Jugendamt, and faces the uncertainty of whether police may storm their home and carry off their children like they did to the Busekros family. (

Sources revealed to that the Busekros case may be resolved with the return of Melissa to her family in the next few weeks.

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