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(LifeSiteNews) — Google-owned YouTube has taken down one of LSNTV’s videos covering the March for Life in Washington, D.C. While YouTube never mentioned a specific statement that was in “violation” of the tech giant’s “medical misinformation” policy, the video in question referred to the “vaccines” as “abortion-tainted,” which has been identified as the cause for YouTube to censor LifeSiteNews content in the past.

The video is still available on Rumble:

According to YouTube’s “medical misinformation” policy, any video that seeks to “contradict expert consensus” will be deleted. Three “strikes” lead to the entire channel being scrubbed from the site. Specifically mentioned in the policy as a violation are any “[c]laims that an approved COVID-19 vaccine will contain substances that are not on the vaccine ingredient list, such as biological matter from fetuses (e.g. fetal tissue, fetal cell lines) or animal products.”

Despite the claim by YouTube that there exists an “expert consensus” regarding the experimental COVID-19 vaccines, and the fact that the approved COVID shots are indeed abortion-tainted even though they do not necessarily contain fetal material, it is of little surprise that the company continues to label any and all statements that deviate from the mainstream narrative as “misinformation.”

In late 2020, YouTube flagged and deleted another LifeSiteNews video that featured Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler, Texas, talking about the moral implications of the abortion-tainted COVID vaccines.

While the ban was reversed on appeal, YouTube did end up permanently axing the LifeSiteNews YouTube channel, which boasted over 300,000 subscribers, in February 2021, over other violations.

Included in the vast array of LifeSiteNews videos labeled as “medical misinformation” were videos featuring preeminent medical experts, including a Cambridge-educated doctor, talking about the ethical and moral issue of fetal cell lines used in vaccine development, and the unscientific nature of many government-imposed “pandemic” measures.

“All of our reporting on the coronavirus vaccines, masks, and lockdowns has been solidly based in science, not liberal fantasy. When we report inconvenient truths that the power-hungry, tyrannical, Chinese Communist Party-serving World Health Organization doesn’t like, their allies in Big Tech are happy to censor us, it seems,” wrote LifeSiteNews editor-in-chief John-Henry Westen last February after YouTube scrubbed LifeSiteNews from its platform. “YouTube and other tech titans are simply not interested in allowing anyone to dissent from their state-approved, liberal, totalitarian ideology.”

With the uncertainty of LifeSiteNews’ ability to stay on Big Tech platforms, LifeSite has a large archive of videos on Rumble, as well as growing accounts on alternative social media platforms like Gab and Telegram.