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LONDON (LifeSiteNews) – YouTube removed a British MP’s Parliament speech questioning why more isn’t being done in the UK and worldwide to investigate the adverse effects of the COVID jabs considering the government’s own “damning” data.

Conservative MP Andrew Bridgen’s data-packed speech on the documented harms of the COVID boosters was promptly removed from YouTube on Friday for allegedly “violating” the platform’s “community guidelines.” It has since been reinstated following a “large public outcry,” Bridgen shared on Saturday.

Bridgen shared a screenshot showing the removal of his Parliament speech, suggesting that YouTube does not allow free expression of beliefs, considering the removal of his own Parliament speech.

“.@YouTube exactly what community guideline was broken in posting a full speech and government response without amendment or comment in the UK’s legislative chamber?” Bridgen tweeted.

U.S. White House and State Department correspondent Ksenija Pavlovic McAteer remarked that the “Censorship tech class has lost their mind.”

YouTube is owned by Google, which is heavily staffed by former intelligence agents, including from Israel and the United States.

In a follow-up to his powerful December speech denouncing the medical establishment’s corruption by Big Pharma profits, Bridgen took to the Parliament floor on Friday to renew his call to halt the rollout of all mRNA Covid jabs, warning that delays in doing so would result in more deaths and injuries.

Bridgen cited data from Florida and the UK showing that the rate of serious adverse effects from the mRNA “vaccinations” is much higher than such rates for all previously administered vaccines.

For example, Florida’s surgeon general shared that before the COVID outbreak, “there were never more than 2,500 incidents per year” of vaccine “harms,” while after the COVID jabs were rolled out in 2021, “that number shot up to over 41,000 cases, a surge of more than 1,600%.

Adverse reaction data for the COVID jabs in the UK have been similarly high, Bridgen reported, slamming the “completely unprecedented levels of yellow card reports” as “damning.”

Bridgen also shared U.K. data showing that “one in every 990 people vaccinated with the Pfizer booster will have a serious adverse event” — that is, a hospitalization, significant disability, life-threatening event, or death — while one in every 662 people injected with the Moderna booster will have a serious adverse event.

This equates to an average of a one-in-800 chance of a serious adverse event for COVID boosters. By contrast, according to the British government’s own data, only one hospitalization of a healthy adult age 50-59 was prevented for every 43,600 COVID booster injections.

“The data is clear,” Bridgen said. “The probability of being seriously harmed by Covid is outweighed by the chance of being harmed by vax boosters.”

He added that the UK government “indemnified vaccine manufacturers,” giving them “total cover against all future claims” of COVID jab adverse events.

Bridgen called on the government to come clean about the real prevalence of serious adverse effects from the COVID jab, as well as the fact that the UK Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) receives “86 percent” of its funding from “Big Pharma.”

And Big Pharma, he maintained, is the only entity that has benefited from the COVID injections.

“No one should have been boosted after the efficacy data was received on the 25th of October last year and no one should be boosted in future based on that data,” Bridgen said.

“The longer it takes governments to accept the truth, the more people will be harmed and die,” Bridgen declared.

He continued, “Three months on from my original speech in this house, we have surely now sacrificed enough of our citizens’ lives on the altar of ignorance and unfettered corporate greed.”

“I therefore call on the government to immediately stop the mRNA vaccine booster program and initiate a full public inquiry into not only the vaccine harms, but how every agency and institution set up to protect the public interest have failed so abysmally in their duties,” Bridgen concluded.