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March 23, 2021 (Personhood Alliance) – Citing “medical misinformation,” YouTube removed a video presentation on the science and ethics of Operation Warp Speed vaccines for SARS-CoV-2, given by Dr. Alan Moy of the John Paul II Medical Research Institute and Cellular Engineering Technologies and Sarah Quale of Personhood Alliance Education. The co-presentation was part of the Bringing America Back to Life Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, March 12th-13th. The Personhood Alliance asserts that blatant censorship of scientific data and ethical considerations surrounding these vaccines is not acceptable in a free society and must not stand.

“Our presentation on SARS-CoV-2 vaccines was scientifically sound, fully sourced, and objectively presented,“ says Quale. “It should disturb everyone, regardless of their views on vaccination, that we are no longer permitted to offer any other information, perspectives, or conclusions than what is put forth by our government, a select group of bureaucrats and experts, and those media outlets who agree with them.”

“YouTube’s censorship prevents transparency of medical information for patients,” notes Dr. Moy. “YouTube appears highly motivated to advance a narrative that everyone should be vaccinated in the absence of informed consent.”

Pro-life, pro-family Christians are familiar with the rise in censorship by Big Tech in its quest to remove “misinformation” and combat “hate speech” across social media platforms. While there certainly is misinformation and hyperbole out there regarding SARS-CoV-2 vaccines, the Personhood Alliance and the John Paul II Medical Research Institute affirm there was no medical misinformation or sensationalism put forth by either presenter.

“Each medical statement made in the presentation was referenced and supported by a peer-reviewed scientific citation,” says Dr. Moy. “Additionally, some of the data were taken from reports published by Moderna and Pfizer in the New England Journal of Medicine and from the VAERS vaccine safety database obtained from the CDC. In fact, many of my talking points have been previously acknowledged in publications by the pharmaceutical companies who participated in the Operation Warp Speed program.”

In the presentation, Dr. Moy described the technology behind mRNA-type vaccines, clinical data on efficacy and safety, a risk versus benefit analysis, and the need to develop a pro-life biomedical sector to bring fully ethical therapies forward. Quale presented facts directly from the pharmaceutical companies about their use of aborted fetal cell lines in vaccine creation, the growing ethical debate, the push to force or coerce vaccination, and the legal right to refuse medical treatments on moral grounds.

This didn’t sit well with YouTube censors, who sent a notice to Bringing America Back to Life conference leadership that the presentation video was removed because of “medical misinformation.”

“We must not allow the truth to be buried,” warns Molly Smith, president of Cleveland Right to Life and Right to Life Action Coalition of Ohio and the host of the Bringing America Back to Life convention. “This presentation was extremely well-received. People have a right to make fully informed decisions about their health and about the ethical concerns surrounding substances we are putting into our bodies. We must be permitted to ask questions,” says Smith, “and that requires us to be able to access medical information and various perspectives.”

The presentation video is now available on several alternative platforms, including the John Paul II Medical Research Institute’s Rumble channel. “It is imperative that we are informed about the medical science behind these vaccines and the ethical issues at hand,” says Quale. “This information must not be suppressed.”

Reprinted with permission from Personhood Alliance.

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