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November 20, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — As YouTube has banned our channel today on claims of “medical misinformation,” LifeSite has created an account with an alternative site to YouTube called Rumble.

Today we were told that we are no longer able to “upload, post, or live stream” for seven days due to violations of YouTube’s Community Guidelines.

Rumble is popular as an alternative to YouTube for many conservatives, including Dinesh D’Souza, Dan Bongino, Devin Nunes, and others, as it is free from Big Tech influence and is outside Google’s monopoly.

All of LifeSite’s videos and shows, including The Mother Miriam Show, The Bishop Strickland Show, and many more, will available for viewing this week on LifeSite's Rumble account by clicking here. We have also uploaded the video that led to censorship from YouTube.