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(LifeSiteNews) — Regime change has come home to Britain.

The UK will soon have another prime minister. Rishi Sunak, the former finance minister or Chancellor of the Exchequer, will shortly be installed following the removal of Liz Truss after 44 days.

This will make five prime ministers in six years. How has this happened?

In 2016 David Cameron resigned after the Brexit referendum. He had campaigned to remain in the EU, a position supported to this day by the majority of members of Parliament and what we might call the unelected elite.

Theresa May was next, her administration paralysed by the steadfast refusal of the Remain camp to accept the result of the vote. Resistance to Brexit was furious. Legal challenges were mounted. There was constant talk in the press of imminent doom and of the wisdom of ignoring the referendum completely.

People who voted to leave were demonized and lampooned, and their opinions dismissed. To have voted this way was to announce your ignorance. Most of the press, the public sector, academia, many celebrities and almost everyone in the House of Commons were not just dismayed but appalled at the thought of leaving the EU.

Then came Boris Johnson. A stymied and rather desperate Conservative party saw in his buffoonish box office appeal a certain winner. They were right. Boris won a thumping 80 seat majority, taking many seats from the Labour party in their northern English heartlands.

The problem with Boris was that he had been at the head of the Vote Leave campaign. His motto at the time was ‘Get Brexit Done’.

The process to ratify Brexit had been delayed and subject to continuing sabotage. The doomsaying about the consequences attached to respecting a national referendum has never gone away. Boris Johnson was compared to Hitler for proroguing  – suspending – Parliament in order to put a stop to the efforts of MPs to destroy Brexit completely.

The battle between Leave and Remain is not simply one to do with EU membership. It is a battle between the popular vote and the people who think they have a right to rule regardless of the views of the stupid people they govern.

The instability of British politics can be explained in large part by this chasm between people and power. The Brexit vote was the one occasion in decades where the British people spoke their mind. The management were horrified. The simple lesson is that the most direct democracy in Britain was greeted with horror by people habituated to power.

The Remain camp treated the Leave camp as a joke. They claimed to be ten points ahead on the night of the vote. When they lost the next day a deep shock took hold of the Beast. It was afraid.

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Stand with Christian daycare worker fired for refusing to indoctrinate kids with LGBT agenda
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A large childcare chain in the United States just fired a faithful Christian caretaker for refusing to read LGBT propaganda to children.

As reported on LifeSiteNews, Bright Horizons Children’s Center in California terminated the contract of Nelli Parisenkova for not reading LGBT-themed books to children as young as 1 year-old.  

Parisenkova, a devout Christian who worked for the company for four years, requested to not read the books because they violated her deeply held religious beliefs.

Instead of tolerating Nelli’s Christian faith, Bright Horizons demanded she 'celebrate diversity' or leave. After refusing to comply with this unjust ultimatum, Parisenkova’s boss expelled her from the building, which forced her to walk 20 minutes in 96-degree heat to the bus stop where she had to wait another 45 minutes.

Parisenkova is now suing Bright Horizons Children’s Center for violating her religious freedom, and she needs your help to raise public awareness about this assault on her human rights.

Sign this petition today to tell Nelli Parisenkova that you stand with her and her Christian faith against the LGBT agenda being pushed by Bright Horizon’s Children’s Center.

Bright Horizons thinks it can bully devout Christians like Nelli into submitting to their leftist ideology. Do not let them get away with it! We all must take a stand to ensure these attacks on our shared Christian faith come to an end. Here are the plain and simple facts:

  • No child should be brainwashed to believe that marriage is between two men or two women.
  • No child should be told that boys can become girls, or that girls can become boys.
  • No child should be indoctrinated with the erroneous belief there are more than two genders, or that people can choose their gender identity.

This is not education. This is propaganda.

Nelli Parisenkova was RIGHT to protect children from LGBT indoctrination and she was RIGHT to invoke her Christian faith in doing so.

SIGN THIS PETITION NOW to tell her she is not alone in this fight!


Daycare center fired employee for refusing to read LGBT propaganda to toddlers: lawsuit

Christian woman fired for resisting LGBT agenda takes on Corporate America: Monday, October 24 

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The people are not supposed to be listened to, of course. Their opinions are to be scoffed at by the kind of smug commissars whose views saturate the social media platforms they own and dominate.

The echo chamber of our mainstream media gives them unlimited time to broadcast their views – presented as the only right ones – whilst framing anyone who disagrees with them as racist, xenophobic, ignorant and stupid.

These people had gone for so long hearing nothing but their own views. To disagree with them is hate speech, of course, and the Brexit vote was to them the most hateful speech of all. It was power, and it was not theirs. This is the reason it had to be cancelled.

The knives have been out for Boris Johnson ever since he won. This is not an issue of Left vs Right – a meaningless distinction in an age of permanent bureaucracy. He has been attacked by people of his own party as relentlessly as from the other. The Labour party removed its own leader, Jeremy Corbyn, who was not only undeniably leftwing but was also opposed to the European Union. They have replaced him with a bureaucrat, Keir Starmer. You will be hearing more about him soon.

Incredibly, Boris Johnson was removed from office over whether he had lied about eating some cake. He probably did mislead Parliament about having a party under lockdown. This is not the reason he was removed. He was done in by the pro-European faction.

His replacement, Liz Truss, has lasted six weeks. She is going to be replaced with Rishi Sunak, a man whose free hand on the money printer under lockdown has buried Britain under a pile of debt from which it may never emerge.

Why is this man, a billionaire, seen as a safe pair of hands? He is of course a Remainer. He is a Blairite, like Keir Starmer, who is intended to replace him when Labour wins the next election.

Why would the Conservative party destroy itself like this? Why would they hand power to the leader of the Labour party? It is a clear sign we are no longer governed by parties but by factions. These hidden groups, like those of the former Soviet Union, decide behind closed doors who shall be permitted to rule and who shall not.

This means our elections are a performance for the cameras. It means that even if you manage to elect a leader who seems in some degree to be interested in the will of the people they will be frustrated, hampered and destroyed. The views of the majority of the people are unacceptable to those who consider themselves the natural – and unchallengeable – custodians of power.

Their plots have made of Britain a laughing stock. It faces a serious economic collapse. There is no government. Much of this infighting is in the open, yet very little of it ever mentioned in the press. We are confronted by a disastrous reality which the permanent bureaucracy will call victory.

These people do not care what damage they do to your life. What matters is that they win. The problem is now that winning has come at the cost of the country. It has taken them six years to reestablish their grip on the steering wheel of the State, but they have had to crash the car to do it.

Frank Wright lives in Hampshire, UK, with his family. You can read more of his reality reviews at https://frankwright.substack.com/