Aborting ‘defective’ Downs babies is the ‘human’ thing to do: pro-abort blogger

The disabled should not be encountered as ‘problems’ to solve or ‘difficulties’ to eliminate but as people who bring a very special gift into the world.
Mon Jun 29, 2015 - 1:59 pm EST
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June 29, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) -- A pro-abortion blogger outraged over an Ohio bill that would prohibit abortion on the basis of the pre-born child having Down syndrome wrote that ending the life of someone because of a disability is simply the “human” thing to do.

“The state would force a woman to carry a defective pregnancy to term,” wrote a Dammit Janet blogger in a tizzy of outrage.

The blogger, reminiscent of Richard Dawkin’s 2014 moral crusade on Twitter to have Downs babies destroyed, went on to make the case that humans with defects don’t deserve to live because they make life too complicated for those who have no defects.

“Human beings are wired to try to minimize risk. So, of course there are all kinds of prenatal tests for things parents would like NOT to pass on to offspring. […] So what happens when women get bad news? They opt for termination.”

“It doesn't get more human than this. It's not evil, it's not genocide, and it certainly is not Nazi,” the blogger stated.

If deliberately targeting another person because of a defect is not evil, then I don’t know what is. If that person is utterly defenseless and helpless, then the evil is compounded all the more. All moral codes, not just religious ones, prohibit one person killing another. “Thou shalt not murder” is pretty easy to understand.

I believe the disabled should not be encountered as ‘problems’ to solve or ‘difficulties’ to eliminate but as people who bring a very special gift into the world.

This story helps illustrate what I’m trying to say: A family from Venezuela once bestowed on Mother Teresa and her Missionaries of Charity a house with some land. In the family was an acutely disabled child who to all appearance would make any eugenicist’s ‘elimination’ list. Mother Teresa was immediately drawn to the small helpless child. She bent down closer to him and asked his name.

The parents’ response almost left the greathearted woman speechless. “Our ‘professor of love’, that’s what we call him,” they answered.

“Beautiful!” replied Mother Teresa. “Let him continue his teaching on love.”

Famous humanitarian Jean Vanier, who has lived with people having various disabilities for five decades, provides insight into how a disabled child with Down syndrome can teach love.

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“What I have learned from them, in their humility and their humiliations, is that we are all vulnerable people,” he once wrote in a letter about caring for the disabled. Vulnerability, he says, opens the heart to perceive the needs of others.

“If such need is well received, it calls forth the powers of love in others, and creates unity. These are the gifts of the vulnerable to our world,” he said.

The answer then is to love. And perfect love casts out all fear, including fear of all the problems associated with Down syndrome as outlined by the above blogger, such as physical growth delays, strange facial features, and lower intellectual abilities. When Down syndrome babies are encountered with love, suddenly there is unity, suddenly there is peace, suddenly there is hope, and most importantly, suddenly there is a real relationship with a beautiful and unique person.

For someone such as this blogger who has such hardness of heart toward another person I have nothing but sympathy. Yes, all of us need to become better educated about this kind of love. The future of the world depends on us learning this lesson and putting it into practice.

So I say: “Professors of love, keep on teaching!”

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