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December 16, 2016 (SPUC) — The London-Irish Abortion Rights Campaign has launched a new campaign called #choiceforxmas – in which they call upon people travelling home to Ireland for Christmas to photograph their luggage to support women “who are forced to travel to England from Ireland for access to safe abortion treatment”.

The women's magazine Marie-Claire has published a piece promoting the campaign entitled “Here's what you can do this Christmas to campaign for free, safe and legal abortion in Ireland”. It uncritically reports poll findings published by Amnesty International, a major promoter of abortion in Ireland.

Siobhan Fenton, spokesperson for London-Irish ARC says, “Christmas is such a happy time for me. I miss my family, I miss the country, so arriving at the terminal and hearing the accents, everyone laughing and joking, I already feel like I’m home. But knowing that, if I was pregnant, I would be afraid to go back there is a really tough thing to even think about. What if something went wrong? Would I be able to get out quickly enough? My life doesn't seem to matter to my own community, and the law backs that up.”

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Alithea Williams, SPUC's communications officer, said “There's something particularly distasteful about hijacking Christmas, which celebrates the birth of a child, to push for the legalised killing of children in Ireland. Christmas is a time for celebrating life, including the 100,000 lives that have been saved by Ireland's pro-life laws.”

Reprinted with permission from Society for the Protection of Unborn Children.