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Mary Wagner

BUENOS AIRES, September 16, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – Proving to be a sign of contradiction in today's world, Canadian pro-life advocate Mary Wagner has been convicted. She was found guilty of interfering with the operation of the abortion business she entered where, according to her testimony, she offered “hope and love to the mothers about to abort their children.”

Mary’s attempt to save a child is judged a crime while those who exterminate them live free of accusations, penalties, and restrictions.

Those who try to save the lives of the innocent by championing their right to be born are accused, imprisoned, and restricted from the vicinity of the extermination centers.

What is it that drives Mary to seek justice for these children, even to the extent of putting herself at odds with the law? 

I once heard the story about how Mary traveled with friends when she was about 20 years old to study in France. It was there that a group of acquaintances invited her to visit a Nazi death camp. Aware of her own deep sensitivity, she declined the invitation several times, until one day she agreed to go.

At the death camp, she felt a deep sorrow. Sadness and despair seemed rooted in the place. The story goes that Mary, feeling a pain deep in her heart, realized that the Holocaust had not ended, but that it continues today in abortion centers around the world, where, in the name of human rights, human beings are deprived of their natural rights and murdered.

In each legal abortion, the Holocaust lives on, the strong rule over the life of the weak, a child is stripped of freedom, a child dies. 

When will this injustice end? When more of us become like Mary, willing to go to jail so that others might be free, free to live. 

When will abortion end? When more of us become guilty with Mary. 

Let's not be afraid to peacefully interfere, following Mary’s example, with the abortion business.

Mariana Rodriguez Varela is an outspoken pro-life campaigner in Argentina, who organized a vigil at the Canadian embassy in Buenos Aires and across her country to pray for Mary Wagner’s liberation. #YoQuieroSerCulpable