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Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò

(LifeSiteNews) – With great scandal for the salvation of souls and the honor of the Church of Christ, the Bishops’ Conference of Belgium has approved and published a rite for the “blessing” of homosexual unions, brazenly contravening the immutable teaching of the Catholic Magisterium, which considers such unions “intrinsically perverse” and which, as such, not only may not bless them but rather must condemn them as contrary to the natural Moral law.

The ideological basis of this sacrilegious rite is indicated in the subtly deceptive words of Amoris Laetitia, which states that “every person, regardless of sexual orientation, ought to be respected in his or her dignity and treated with consideration.”

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The process of doctrinal and moral dissolution carried out by the Bergoglian sect continues at an unstoppable pace, heedless of the confusion it causes among the faithful and the consequent incalculable damages to souls.

It is now evident, beyond all doubt, that it is absolutely impossible to reconcile the teaching of the Gospel with the deviations of these heretics who abuse their power and authority as Pastors, using it for the very opposite purpose for which Christ instituted the Sacred Hierarchy in the Church.

And what is even more evident is the perverse role reversal that is taking place, in which he who sits in Rome has the task of formulating heterodox principles opposed to Catholic doctrine, and his accomplices in the Dioceses have the role of scandalously applying them, in an infernal attempt to undermine the Moral law in order to obey the spirit of the world.

The shameful excesses of some exponents of the Hierarchy find their origin in a deliberate and intentional plan that comes from the top, which by means of the “synodal path” wants to make the rebellious Episcopate autonomous in spreading errors of Faith and Morals, even as it uses authoritarianism to prevent the faithful Bishops from proclaiming the Truth of Christ.

21 September 2022

Matthæi Apostoli et Evangelistæ, Feria Quarta Quattuor Temporum Septembris