June 6, 2013 (STOPP) – A featured speaker at a recent Planned Parenthood-directed conference told the teens assembled there that she represents the “radical wing” of the pro-choice movement, and invited them to join her in reshaping and directing the entire movement toward radicalism. Planned Parenthood was on the steering committee of the conference. Entitled the “Oregon Adolescent Sexuality Conference,” it was held in beautiful Seaside, Oregon. The teens in attendance were pelted over a two-day period by a dizzying whirlwind of warped, perverse, anti-Christian “sexuality” training.

Teens representing 14 Oregon school districts were present—their tuition paid by the Grove Foundation, whose money emanates from the Intel fortune.

Loretta Ross, founder of SisterSong Women of Color Reproductive Justice Collective, keynoted the noon plenary session April 22. She was also featured in some of the breakout sessions.

After listening to her talks, saying Ross is an anti-Christian, anti-American, angry black woman would be anti-climatic. Explaining that she is from Georgia—part of the “Bible Belt”—Ross began by saying it is great to be in Oregon where you can talk about young people and sex without someone getting out a Bible.

She described herself as “a grandma who goes around teaching people that sex is fun.” She pointed to the problems that causes for her family members, who are Christians. Loretta painted her family as being very shocked by the fact that she became a “professional feminist,” saying that her mother was a “hyper-Christian,” who believed in faith healing and would give money to anyone who promised healing. But because her family loved her, she said, “I could always blackmail them with their love for me. Whatever works, you know!”


In her disjointed keynote address, she set out to illustrate how “reproductive justice” must be couched in terms of human rights. She said that the LGBTQ movement is a civil rights movement, while adding that the fight for marriage by lesbians and gays is one she questions, because “I’m not quite sure why we are fighting for the right to be equally miserable. Seems like a crazy demand to me.” She continued, “It ain’t all it’s cracked up to be, trust me. But, you know, you’ve got a right to be as messed up as the rest of us.”

Taking the use of base vernacular to a new level while addressing teens, she let the teens know in no uncertain terms that she is a pissed off black woman, a pissed off feminist, she was a pissed off teen, and she is still so pissed off about what happened to her when she was 15 that she will fight the rest of her life to rectify it. In fact, she is pissed off “to the heights of pissivity,” she said. And if you are not pissed off, you are not paying attention, she told the youth.

She told her personal story of getting pregnant at the age of 15 by her cousin. She did not know sex could cause pregnancy, she said, or “he would have gotten something else up his –.” She blames her “good Christian mother” for depriving her of sex education and causing her pregnancy.

There was no option for abortion so she delivered her child alive. The hospital “made a mistake” and showed her the baby. She couldn’t give him up after seeing him, so she kept him.

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Ross continued her story by telling the teens she went to college in Washington, D.C., where she got pregnant again her freshman year. You guessed it—it was her mother’s fault. “The reason I got pregnant was because my wonderful Christian mother would not sign the permission slip for me to access birth control. Because in her mind, I should never become sexually active again.”

Her mother was apparently raising Ross’s first child at the time. Ross said her mother was “babysitting” him. She said it was her great fortune that she was in Washington, D.C., because the District of Columbia had legalized abortion in 1970, three years prior to Roe v. Wade. Her mother had forbidden her to have sex. But, she told the teens, everybody knows “the plumbing doesn’t work that way.”

She knew her mom would not give permission for the abortion. But she was thankful her older sister was very “wise” and understood this would ruin her life to have a child, so she forged the permission papers for Loretta’s abortion.

She interrupted her own talk at one point by exclaiming, “All these government people probably going to come up here and say, ‘Oh my God, this woman’s going to get up there and talk about horny teenagers. My God!’”

Ross comes across as more than a little bit crazy and extremely conflicted. She advocates for abortion—the right to arbitrarily and violently destroy the life of a human person—as a human right. She told the students not to make the mistake that the pro-choice movement has made and emphasize just abortion rights. She listed a whole slew of rights that she classified under nine different headings, and then told the attendees to advocate for all these “rights” under the banner of human rights.

Black women must fight for the right to have a child, the right to not have a child, and the right to raise their children in a safe and healthy environment, she said.

She talked about how blacks are targeted and blamed for everything, and how they have to fight to have children and raise them, all the while propping up the atomic bomb used to eliminate them—abortion.

She went off on a tangent about how the U.S. is “pissed” because people can’t figure out how their oil got under Iraq’s sand, and how the Senate is so dumb to not enact legislation thwarting the right to bear arms. “I mean, hell, I have to have more background checks to cut somebody’s hair than I have to have to buy a gun!”

Other rights she propounds are the right to welfare, the right to sexual pleasure (which she told the teens is her favorite right), freedom from religion—“I have the right not to have your religious views on sex and sexuality and pregnancy imposed upon my body”—freedom to practice the religion of our choice, the right to not have genetically modified foods without your knowledge, and the emerging right to be digitally connected. Really.

She says she would even support abstinence “if anybody could hold on that long.” But, “I have never successfully abstained from anything,” she told the students.

She interrupted her explanation of “rights,” saying, “I’m going to go over there and get a napkin, because I’m sweating like a priest caught in adultery.” The comment drew nervous laughter and sparse applause.

Ross says SisterSong is the radical wing of the pro-choice movement. She is changing the face of that movement, she emphasizes, making it more radical, and pushing a human rights movement.

She encouraged the teens at one of the breakout sessions to step up and fight for reproductive justice at the United Nations level, because she hopes to one day “lay [sic] on the beach and play with myself.”

And she is the one who was selected to give the plenary keynote and teach the students of Oregon about human rights at the breakout session.

What is Planned Parenthood thinking? What is the state of Oregon thinking?

Not only did Planned Parenthood help direct this conference through the steering committee, but its 2012 tax form shows that it gave $20,000 to SisterSong.

This is not about sexuality education. It’s about sexual chaos, about sexual license and the “remedy” of abortion—the taking of the lives of innocent human beings in the name of human rights.

Parents are woefully unaware of what their children are being taught at these conferences and in the schools. That was amply illustrated in another talk at the conference that emphasized how “the most progressive” sex ed laws in the nation were pushed in underneath the parents’ radar.

For more information on the Oregon Adolescent Sexuality Conference and the insane “sexuality education” that is being pushed on children in grades K-12 in Oregon, follow the links in this article.

A huge public outcry is needed. Parents need to sign up in droves for next year’s Oregon Adolescent Sexuality Conference and let their voices be heard now at the local school district level—especially at the office of the superintendent and the school board level.

Parents across the nation should take the Oregon situation as a warning and an illustration of what is being pushed across the nation on their children without their knowledge. All parents must make it their business to find out what their children are learning in school and in the community relating to sexuality, and take action to get Planned Parenthood and its obscene, warped sex education out of the schools.

Reprinted with permission from STOPP.org.