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Send a note thanking Danielle Smith for recent pro-family policies today

(Campaign Life Coalition) —Premier Danielle Smith has taken a step in the right direction – in a common-sense, God-honoring direction. Following the lead of New Brunswick and Saskatchewan, she has committed the province of Alberta to protecting the rights of parents in the area of gender ideology.

But will Premier Smith take the next logical step – by protecting parental rights in the area of abortion?

In a January 31 video, Premier Smith announced that parental consent will be required before any student under age 16 can change his or her name or gender pronouns in school. This is in line with the demands of a majority of Alberta parents. Premier Smith also announced that sex-change surgeries will be forbidden for minors under age 18 and that puberty blockers and hormone therapies will be banned for minors under age 16.

These new policies are godsends that will not only restore parental authority but safeguard Alberta’s children from groomers and gender ideologues in the public school system. As Campaign Life Coalition President, Jeff Gunnarson commented: “With these new policies, a Canadian premier has essentially told the seemingly unstoppable transgender movement to stop in its tracks and leave Alberta kids alone. I commend Premier Smith for her proposed policies that will go a long way in protecting children and safeguarding the irreplaceable parent-child relationship.”

However, in a recent poll, Alberta residents have called on Premier Smith to go even further. They were asked: “Should parental rights include parental consent for a minor child seeking an abortion? In other words, should Premier Smith take the next logical step in defending parental rights?

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The results were crystal-clear: 62% of Albertans agree that parental consent or notification should be required, while only 30% disagree with the need for parental consent or notification in the area of abortion.

Currently, parental consent is required for other medical procedures and treatments – including the administration of simple headache medication. A child cannot even go on a field trip without parental consent! And yet, as it stands now, parents are being kept in the dark if their daughter is found pregnant and referred to an abortion-butcher for invasive and often risky surgery or handed free abortion pills which also have high rates of serious complications.

Pro-abortion school counsellors and medical personnel, ungrounded in our beliefs and values, are exerting undue influence over vulnerable girls, leading them into a deadly decision they will regret for the rest of their lives. It is difficult for a young person to see all the physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual harms that go along with choosing abortion. They need their parents’ guidance, perspective, and moral direction.

Also, when girls are permitted to conceal their abortion from parents, sexually immoral and abusive relationships are kept under wraps. Circumstances of rape and assault are also hidden and are more easily repeated in cycles of abuse.

That’s why Albertans need to urge Premier Smith and her UCP government to require parental consent for abortion in any new legislation or policies that protect the rights of Alberta parents.

Albertans, please take a moment to send your local MLA an Action Alert Email to express your gratitude for Premier Smith’s defence of parents and to encourage her government to take the next logical step – to secure parental consent for minor children being misled into abortion.

The momentum is on our side in this battle – and, more importantly, God is on our side!

Contact your Alberta MLA herehttps://www.votervoice.net/CALIFE/Campaigns/111933/Respond

The original version of this article was published at Campaign Life Coalition. This version has been edited and published with permission.

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Send a note thanking Danielle Smith for recent pro-family policies today