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(LifeSiteNews) — Regardless of the level of voter fraud and coercion related to mail-in ballots, etc., it has become clear that the 100-plus year strategy of the progressive Marxist left has resulted in nearly half of the country, maybe even more, embracing the economic destruction of our society, the political weaponization of the justice system, the sexualization, mutilation and murder of our children, the tyrannical takeover of the medical system by mandates that enforce genocide, the destruction of law and order, and the total assault on the Constitution.

This election confirms that the country we grew up in no longer exists.

There is no longer time or energy for the “wishful thinking” strategies that suggest that the same leaders who have brought us to this point will somehow lead us out of it.

We have arrived at this place because it is the goal of the progressive deep state political ruling class. It is not due to incompetency or the result of an accident. It is the end game of strategic vision and execution. They have successfully executed their strategy and have no intention of changing direction.

This is our reality.

What are we to do?

The first step is to realize that this is a spiritual battle. The aforementioned issues listed in this missive fall into the spiritual category of evil. The body politic is the field on which this evil is playing itself out. It flows from a worldview that is defined as relativist, atheistic humanism.

This has become the predominant worldview of all our public institutions.

This narrative denies the existence of a Creator God and desires to transform the traditions and values of our one nation under Him. It is not a worldview that seeks coexistence or compromise with other beliefs; it seeks their destruction (See the “Humanist Manifesto I” of 1933).

Next, there needs to be a complete understanding that the consequences of institutionalized evil will flow. The morality of our nation has decomposed and a chastisement will occur. The collective soul of our nation is dying. This is metaphysics in action. There is nothing we can do about it. So get over it. Don’t waste time and energy on trying to change it. Hand that over to God.

Our hope must lie with Him.

What is our role?

It has been said that in the battle for a person’s soul, the forces of composition must overwhelm the forces of decomposition. The same is true for institutions, countries, and cultures.

Our focus should be on the composition of the country and culture as it should be. Our hope should fuel the courage to confront reality as it is and work towards making it what it should be.

Where do we begin?

We begin by focusing on overturning the single most important strategic victory of the progressive Marxist left: the removal of God from the public square and all of our public institutions.

When God was banished, truth was removed. Truth became feeling; subjective and relativistic. In a relativistic world,  everyone becomes a liar and everything is a lie.

Relativism states objectively that there is no such thing as objective truth; thereby contradicting itself in its definition. Truth never contradicts itself. Relativism is thus a lie.

Another consequence of relativism is that it eliminates the potential for true happiness, or joy. This is because it eliminates virtue. It has been known and taught by the great philosophers for thousands of years( prior to common core education) that happiness is a consequence of living a life of virtue.

Virtue is defined as the firm disposition towards that which is objectively good. If there is no objective good, there is no virtue. If there is no virtue, there is no potential for happiness. If there is no potential for happiness, people despair.

Despair turns people to activities that try to sedate the anxiety and despair of the nothingness of the relativistic worldview. This only makes things worse as these momentary escapist activities move toward addiction and come with a whole new set of negative effects. Chaos, anxiety, brokenness, and despair rule.

The solution begins with a personal commitment to speak the truth with love in every situation, regardless of the short-term tension it may cause. Many of us have been silent, in the name of politeness and cheap peace, as our family members and friends embrace the godlessness of the worldview of relativism.

The ultimate solution is to bring God back into the public square, beginning in our families, churches, and communities. We must find or create educational opportunities to teach God’s objective truths. We must also understand that none of us will be able to fix what is wrong by ourselves. But we must give everything we have knowing that everything we have will not get the job completed. Our time, treasure, talent, and our life must become a sacred offering to God and His truth. He will then multiply our efforts and unite all of these sacrifices in victory.

A young saint, who was facing a terminal disease, once said: “Regardless of the circumstances of my life, it’s meaning and purpose don’t change; that is to know, love, and serve God in this world and to live in eternal happiness with God in the next. My emotions will rise and fall. But Faith is not an emotion. It is a commitment. I will not despair.”

So let us commit ourselves to being ministers of truth, hope, and joy as we know, love, and serve God by engaging in this spiritual war.

Battles will be won and lost. The ultimate victory, however, is assured as long as we continue to have hope.

We were born in this place and for this time and for this mission. Let us be faithful to that call.