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July 9, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) — Despite the increase in dreadful human rights abuses taking place throughout the world, Amnesty International is, yet again, focusing its energies and resources on legalising abortion.

Amnesty Ireland, buoyed by millions of dollars coming from the US, is spending huge money on its push to have abortion made more widely available, commissioning expensive reports and opinion polls and spending lavishly on a campaign to smash the human rights of the most helpless members of the human family, unborn children.

However, the dishonest nature of Amnesty’s campaign has already attracted criticism not least because of how the organisation has misrepresented the facts, the law, and maternal healthcare for women in Ireland as part of its pro-abortion drive.

Yesterday, for example, Amnesty demanded that Ireland throw out legal protections for unborn babies on the basis of a poll – commissioned by Amnesty – which showed that most people did not want women criminalised for undergoing abortions.

But Irish women are not criminalised by the law on abortion, and no Irish woman has ever been prosecuted for seeking an abortion. The law, as Amnesty well knows, is aimed at abortionists, the kind of people who kill babies and exploit women for a living, people like Kermit Gosnell and others who have no problem taking a baby’s life right up until birth.

Amnesty are being downright dishonest, staging their poll questions to suggest that Irish women are in danger of being locked up every day because of Ireland’s abortion laws, and suggesting that Irish doctors will be thrown in jail for helping women.

But it failed to point out that most countries across Europe attach penalties to those who perform abortions outside the confines of the law. What does this manoeuvring tell us about Amnesty? That they want abortionists to operate without meaningful legal restrictions? That abortionists are not ever to be considered criminals?

This sort of dangerous and reckless thinking has led to women dying. Abortion clinics are usually lightly regulated because the industry – and their friends in organisations like Amnesty – insist that any oversight restricts women, though what they are really concerned about, of course, is the ability of the industry to hard-sell as many abortions as possible.

A woman from Ireland recently bled to death in a so-called ‘safe, legal’ abortion clinic in Britain, but Amnesty has refused to comment on that case or wring its hands about whether any criminal penalties should apply to the abortionist who killed both mother and baby.

Neither have they issued any comment on the horrendous revelation that 66 babies in one year alone survived abortion in Britain but were simply left to die, a revelation so appalling that it makes one wonder whether any humanity is left in the medical professionals who allow this to happen over and over again to babies who were moving and struggling to breathe, whose frailty should surely only prompt compassion and an overwhelming desire to protect such a tiny and wholly innocent life.

Maybe Amnesty make no comment on these hideous human rights abuses because they have simply decided to close their eyes to the humanity of the baby, and to the suffering of women who regret abortion. Maybe they have allowed ideology to overcome compassion, and to damp down the reality of abortion that is obvious to every school student taking basic biology: that abortion kills a baby and also harms a woman.

Certainly Amnesty is being misleading when it claims that international law and the UN Declaration of Human Rights contains a right to abortion: no such ‘right’ exists, unlike the right to life which is fundamental to every human rights convention. Even the Irish Times, a major supporter of abortion right, called Amnesty out for their misrepresentation in this regard.

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The same duplicitous thinking is evident in the framing of the questions asked in Amnesty’s poll where Irish people were asked if they favoured abortion to ‘save a mother’s life’ – a question cynically designed to deceive since there is no medical necessity for abortion. None of the Irish media pointed out that the same poll showed that a majority of Irish people did not agree with Amnesty’s position of legalising abortion-on-demand. The dishonesty is rife.

Similarly, senior medical experts have taken issue with Amnesty’s recent report on abortion and maternal healthcare in Ireland, saying they were “shocked at the unwarranted and unfounded allegations made by Amnesty International in relation to obstetrical practice in Ireland.”

Amnesty’s militant abortion stance has discredited a once-admired organisation. As Youth Defence told the huge Rally for Life in Dublin last weekend, Irish people “are not asking [Amnesty] we are not telling you, we are demanding that you get your intrusive hands off our pro-life constitution.”

More than 66,000 people have signed a petition demanding that Amnesty stop pushing abortion on pro-life countries. Please join them in doing so TODAY to make your voice heard against Amnesty’s dishonest abortion spin that will only serve to protect abortionists.