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Dear Mr. President,

On November 5, 2014, you spoke in a news conference about the results of the 2014 mid-term elections. In it, you made a curious statement. You said, “So, to everyone who voted, I want you to know that I hear you. To the two-thirds of voters who chose not to participate in the process yesterday, I hear you, too.”

Do you, in fact, hear the voices of those who did not vote? If that’s true, Mr. President, then truly you possess an extraordinary ability.

Of those who did vote, the message gives you a clear directive for your final two years in office. Pro-life sentiment is swelling in America, and it is time for you to protect the child in the womb and the mothers who will be wounded by abortion.

But I join with you now in considering those who didn’t vote — people you claim to be able to hear.

On Thursday, January 22, we will remember the 42nd anniversary of the national tragedy known as Roe v. Wade. We arrive at this horrific milestone with a swell of pro-life sentiment among the American people. New pro-life leaders have been elected to Congress and all around the nation with the goal of giving a clear voice to the majority of Americans. No one can argue with the shift that has taken place.

Mr. President, will you hear the voices of the most marginalized, disenfranchised people group in the nation?

I call on you, President Obama, to hear the voices of those who didn’t vote. Hear the voices of those who have no voice to defend themselves. Mr. President, let the results of this election lead you to hear the voices of the children in the womb.

We, the pro-life majority of America, are the voice for these voiceless. We are the vote for those who cannot vote. The changing leadership of this country reflects a prevailing opinion growing throughout the nation — it’s time to protect the pre-born and the mothers who will be wounded by the tragedy of abortion.

Coinciding with the somber anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the House of Representatives will vote on H.R. 36: The Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act.

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I can think of no clearer opportunity for you and other elected leaders to hear the voice of the child in the womb. Will you recognize their silent screams of pain caused by dismemberment during abortion? Surely as compassionate Americans, regardless of party affiliation and loyalties, we can agree that it is barbaric to subject the pain-capable baby in the womb to torture.

I join with countless pro-life Americans in 2015 and call for the United States Senate to protect the most helpless among us.

Mr. President, you say you can hear the voice of the people who did not vote in the last election. I call on you now to hear the voice of the child in the womb. The majority of Americans have made it clear that we will not settle for anything less.

I anticipate more pieces of life-saving legislation will be heading to your desk soon. I urge you to honor the voices of those who did vote in the recent election and hear the voices of pre-born Americans.


Matthew Lockett
Bound4LIFE International

Editor’s note: On January 22, Bound4LIFE will participate in March for Life 2015. The evening before, Matt Lockett and other prayer leaders will come together for OneVoiceDC — a non-denominational prayer and worship gathering to proclaim life over our nation.

Reprinted with permission from Bound4LIFE.