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Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò

(LifeSiteNews) — Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò issued a statement on X, formerly Twitter, on Thursday rebuking an article written by Canadian Catholic Cardinal Marc Oullet in which the latter said the “age of Christianity is over” and urged Christians to “reposition themselves in relation to their environment.”

Where is the “missionary nature” of the Vatican II church? Where is the “conciliar spring” that by opening its doors to the world was supposedly going to revive the church after the post-Tridentine obscurantism? In their eagerness to conform to the demands of the age, the proponents of the conciliar and synodal revolution have become irrelevant and superfluous.

In the civil sphere they tell us that globalism requires sacrifices and that we must give up our sovereignty, impoverish ourselves, eat insects, be controlled in all our movements, and undergo ethnic replacement. In the ecclesiastical sphere they repeat the same mantra: the new conciliar and synodical religion requires giving up the exclusivity of the Gospel in order to “reposition ourselves under the banner of pluralism,” that is, apostatize from the Faith and give up the Christian combat, the apostolate, preaching, and the defense of Catholic principles. Deep State and Deep Church both show that they are the origin of the impending ruin and demand that we surrender to the enemy without resistance. The proponents of dissolution, just like their globalist accomplices, contemplate the rubble of sixty years of apostasy as if the ruin around them had nothing to do with their subversive action.

But if the lies of the subversives who undermine the social and religious order are not surprising, the contradiction of those who deplore the effects of the current revolution but refuse to identify those responsible for it is becoming increasingly evident. With a myopic gaze they denounce the daily horrors of the Hierarchy and civil leaders rulers but do not hesitate to attack those who, in the face of the cowardly absconding of authority, try as best they can to resist. This schizophrenic attitude – it must be acknowledged – is worse than the action of the declared enemy, it is friendly fire, it is a stab in the back.

“No one can serve two masters: for either he will love the one and hate the other; or he will prefer the first and despise the second. You cannot serve God and mammon” (Mt. 6:24).